11k and half marathon
March 21st, 2015

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

so it begins...

We ran our first official training run this last thursday.  The weather seemed to be cooperating and the company was swell.  Although it was a tad fast to start with (lets just blame Stacy who was short on time) we finished strong with only a few blisters to speak of.

Possibly the best part of the run is the part where we take off our SHOES and get on an entirely different outfit.  It might still be black, but a bit smaller... yes I'm referring to the hot tub part. Where we discuss the woes and triumphs of our most recent accomplishment. Congratulate each other for being so strong and teasingly place blame on the one who made us run much faster than we had anticipated.

Although 12 miles might sound long to a few of you out there... it's a slow build.  Two weeks from now we'll be running 14, building up to the ultimate goal of 26.2.

The best part of a marathon is the training.  It's where friendships are made and challenges are met.