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March 21st, 2015

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

feeling a bit whale(ish)

Ten more days till the Winthrop marathon (still deciding on running the half or the whole) nine miles are meant for today, but first I've got an eager 7 year old to go get her Pinniped knowledge on.


Running in the afternoon can almost always be a little low on the motivated side.  Turns out spending the morning with a group of first graders and eating a cookie the size of ones head, makes it even harder to muster.  

Holding my bag of appropriately spandexy/weather resistant uniform.  I kicked my heals trying to think of reasons/excuses not to run (besides the obvious *I don't wanna*).  Didn't work.  Luckily theres always a Shannon.  And better yet, she's just as tired.

Kathleen (bird counter friend), looking fresh (again, attempting to come up with some emergency that has come up and I've got to leave now) meets up with us.  With a sideways look from Shannon as if to say "not an option".  We head off on our way.

Blue bird only has an hour so pear point we head.  Somewhere around mile five my legs wake up and there's a compromise of walking up the pending steep hill, in replacement of ending at six miles with Kathleen.

We wave our "see you soon" and continue to the hill, and added miles.  Legs falling back to tired, we distract each other with funny.  Laughing at each others dorkiness the time passes quicker.  

Starting to walk, Miss Sideways decides we should run the trail cutting out the so called *steep hill*.  Sounds like an alright trade.  You'd think.  

In the end, both happy we put our runners on.  Had a chance to chat (minus children) , laugh at each other and meet our goals.  So I suppose that counts as a good run!