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March 21st, 2015

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's all back on...(!!!)

Tuesday was the first (official) run back for the season, while today was *my* first.  The darlings are all back in school (!!!!) but with that, comes.... the bugs, colds, flu, coughs.... SICKNESS!

Tuesday's run was a gathering of close friends full of comradery, hugs, and overall excitement of the new year/season.  Talks of up coming races and new fun goals.  (all of this I can just assume is true, hence the super sick child, and the staying home part, to take care of the poor dear)

Not being one who ever talks about the weather (sorry I ALWAYS talk about the weather) you won't be bored when I tell you how freakishly de-LOVELY it was out today!! Oh, how we love our northwest Septembers!! Children sit happily in classrooms, while we run the streets of our island town.

When we all met up today I presented our run options.  The short and the long of it.  To my relief, it was with majority rule that we ran the short.  Most everyone, with the explanation of "not enough time".

The gravel pit was a welcome route, short, pretty sights and the breeze that comes off the water felt divine (not sure when I became a woman that uses the word divine).  We all stuck together, kept the pace easy and the conversation high.

So happy to be back with you all!!

3.77 miles 9min. 45sec. average