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March 21st, 2015

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turns out I'm in a rock band...

Or at least have been acting like it...

Oh, summer... goodbye.

This funny little town has one night a week that it stirs up a tad and invites the locals to come on over and sing their hearts out.  Sometimes it sounds incredible yet mostly its just fun to watch the awfulness come alive (sorry thats not very nice... you're mom sounded lovely)... *karaoke*

So home at 2am and up and at em at 7am, keeping my cool at the constant loss of one shoe, not to mention the backpack, and the "just please, brush your teeth ladies!!", ... and we're out the door.

It's thursday, which not only means running with my lady part friends (I realize that sounds pretty gross, but it's sort of funny... right?.. no?... it is.) but it also means a longer distance.

So with lack of sleep on my side, I grabbed an extra water and told everyone the route I thought was best suited for the day... it was quickly adjusted.  And we were off.

Cursing the lack of sunglasses, we tried to truly appreciate the warmth of our late september sun.

We were eight in all.  Five running the full twelve and three begrudgingly running the six I originally suggested.  The second part was a trip to the FH lab trails.  Where there was only a mild amount of tripping and stumbling, at least there wasn't any brilliant BooBoo tumbles... def. DO NOT need any more of those.  Have I mentioned that she recently broke a toe?? Oh dear BooBoo, please stop it. x

We finished the trail, ran up a large hill, then there was a suggestion (from the off road girl) that maybe we should run back the same direction taking full advantage of the TRAIL.. We were split now, Shannon and Meghan running through the woods once again and Deb, Tamara and I making our way on the main roads.  Where we'll have to do a few creative loops to make it an even twelve.

On the tail end of one of our creative loops there was a mere suggestion that we add on a tiny more... and thats where we got the adorable $#%#$ ^&*$$#  from, I won't say who (it wasn't Deb, or I) And once again we split.

In the end it was a rather fast twelve and a happy one at that even with the mild cursing.

thanks gals.

12 miles, ave. pace 9min 34sec

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A change of direction.

Today we were three... Celia, Shannon and me (I realize that may be bad grammar but, I, doesn't flow as swell)

We talked about the course and came to a GRAVEL PIT conclusion.  

Although once we got to the gravel pit, there was a change of direction from the Shan and I.  Both deciding that a longer route at a slower pace, was what we were craving.  So until next time gravel pit, it's PEAR POINTS turn to get tread on (and yes, I am aware of the cheese I just spread there)

There was a wave to Miss Celia and an, off on our merry way... It's a stolen chance to have a one and one run with a buddy.  So we took the opportunity to make it a little longer.  Lots of problems in the world to solve after all.

*I might add, that the part where we were going to slow it down a bit... apparently doesn't apply when you run with that girl though.  geesh.

6 miles   9min 7second pace

Friday, September 24, 2010

glad my friends aren't into heroine...

Woke with the thought of telling my running friends that I need a day to rest...

Drove the adorables to school, and suddenly felt happy that I chose to at least wear my running clothes...

Pulled into the gym parking lot and decided four miles wouldn't be so bad...

Said hello to the NINE other pretties, and suddenly thought six miles would be a good round number...

Got past the first six miles and figured it wouldn't be so awful to continue to the full nine miles...

** just glad my friends aren't into heroin, cause apparently... I'm impressionable**

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SO IT BEGINS... again.

Week one. down.

Our first run back was a drizzly one, although you wouldn't guess it from the lack of clothing on a few of us.  We were seven in all and ran the HELLO FRIDAY HARBOR, a random loop boarding our tiny little town.  It was a solid four miles but when it feels like you can get back to your cozy car and out of the rain at any moment, four feels like two. Promise.

Day two of week one, we were nine in all.. I'm going to guess the sunshine had a bit to do with our increase in number.  We ran the GRAVEL PIT.  Not exactly a favorite. Yet I haven't ventured that way since we were all together last spring, so it was a welcome one.  BooBoo, the tall one, and now the bruised one, fell. HARD.  sensitive me.... took a photo.

I didn't say it was a very good one... and yes, she's okay.

My watch died half way through, so I can't be exact when I tell you it was a fast one... You'll just have to take my word.

Together again... missed you.

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