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March 21st, 2015

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madden madame.

Just yesterday, the BooBoolator said she COULD NOT wait to get the (insert creative cuss word here) away from Cattle Point Rd... I assured her there would be no running on that road on our last two official group runs of the school year.

ummmm..... we ran the Cattle Point-Madden Lane loop today.  Blythe was so cute when she suggested the route, I couldn't say no.  (If you knew her you wouldn't have been able to either)  And the actress played the part of not caring where we run.

Although we love her, we sent Ms. Erickson away.  She could barely stand straight with back pain, yet still wanted to go out running.  Silly girl.

We've decided that both Deb and Meghan need to be our personal running clothes shoppers.  They both bring some serious style to the road.  Who says spandex has to be boring.  (A bit of an oxymoron, don't ya think?)

The actual run felt okay, not amazing, but not horrible either... so there's that.  We've all decided to do a little naked running.  Which sounds a bit more exciting than it actually is. All it means is no ipod, no watch, no H. rate monitors, etc..  In theory that sounds like a great idea.  But when you are running with fasties, it's sort of nice to have the pat on your back that the watch can provide after a quick paced run.

Like I said, this was our last of two official runs for the school year.... I'll be posting on facebook all sorts of running opportunities.  And hopefully we can run with you soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

mmmmm.... doughnuts.

**This title is a little more fitting than when I was trying to sell a pair of crocks on ebay (I know, who does that) titling it "mmmmm... crocks".  Totally wrong on a few levels... a funny story follows, but you'll have to ask me about it later.  I'm getting off track.**

There's another running group here on the island that regularly runs from town out to Roche Harbor a nice 11-sh mile jaunt (I like using the word jaunt after a seemingly high mileage), with the reward of chocolate, vanilla, sprinkled, sugar coated deliciosness.  Unfortunately it was the wrong weekend to correspond with the other sugar addicts... So we made our own DOUGHNUT RUN.

Kathleen who will be running a (crossed fingers) PR at the Rock'n'Roll Seattle in a few short weeks needed to run 13.  Shannon, Blythe and I decided to tag along for the first 10.7 miles of it. Ending on the other side of the island, with patiently waiting children to help devour the doughnuts and swim in the pool.

This is the part where I tell you how amazing the weather was... the weather was amazing.

No really, the muggy start was flattered with light sprinkles, then comfortable rain.  We were a happy, light hearted bunch.  Miles seemed to fly by, and instead of heavy tired legs.  Mine seemed to be feeling quite agreeable.

We had two separate people jokingly time us.  One in his car, he slowed to a seemingly slow crawl (matching our pace). Then informed us we were at a whopping 6 mile pace "speed it up girls."  The next was closer to the end, where an older couple stopped mid hike to hold out their watch and wait till we passed, again "speed up girls".  Don't we have some rather funny people on this island.

The Alpacas were shaved and both adorable and hilarious to look at.  I bet Alpacas would be a witty bunch, if they could talk... just sayin'.

The rain has stopped, clouds are separating and sun is nearly out.  And wait... we're nearly finished.  Our timing is impeccable. Like I said amazing weather.

There goes Kathleen on her own,  we thought about joining her for the last couple miles... and that felt nice.  Instead we hopped in the pool and saved her a doughnut.

Thanks for the much (MUCH MUCH) needed great run.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two days later...

finally a great run.

And all it took was finishing a marathon and completing a fundraiser.

No watches, no music, no heart rate monitors ... mostly though, no... pressure.  There's this part after a marathon where you are allowed to take a week off if you'd like to.

A mere two days later, there was not one or two but a crowd, we even had a new addition (hi Maureen)  running slow, we stayed together and recounted each others experience with the previous couple days.

I feel so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of women.  I'm touched by the amount of support and love that circulates between all of us.  The love fest continues. xxo

2010 San Juan Island Marathon!!

moments before the race began.

We all look quite fresh and ready to kick a little a.  

Little did we know there would be PRs crushed, sickness overcome, torrential downpours, challenges beyond what we trained for, orca sightings...

Casey and Stacie took off from the getgo... fast and furious (my cheese is showing) they are.  Best quotes of the day, come from the two of them. Stacie; "I'm not fast, I was just trying to catch up with Casey to tell her she was going to fast... ten miles later, now I'm just running too fast". and from Casey "I remember thinking it felt surreal, that if I woke up and it was all a dream I wasn't going ot run in the AM".  

Susan has leapt ahead as well, she's not only speedy but can hold onto her pace for a long, long... long.. long, long time. Making it look incredibly easy. She finished the marathon in 3:41:39, literally seconds over the qualifying mark for Boston, maybe I shouldn't mention that part.

BooBoo, Deb, and I ran the first six miles together.  There was lots of inappropriate giggling due to a rather funny man, we'll call him Dwight.  Up ahead we can see the incredible back (both upper and lower) of our girl Meghan, and the medical journal calves of miss Miniken.  Talking about/admiring the fit bodies around us is a fun distraction.  

All around there is chatter, and lots of "Wow, can you believe how perfect the weather is"??... oh, the joy of running for hours and hours, with a moody sky.

The three of us have split up, we've got music on and a hill to climb... for the next three to four miles, I'll be running hard to catch back up with Deb, Shannon, and Meghan.  When the 1/2 and full runners split, I get my first glimpse of Blythe and am moments from catching up with buddies. 

We're on the west side now, the weather is still wonderful.. perfect some might even continue to say.  I've caught back up and things are looking up.  We pass by a water station where the woman tells us there are whales to be seen up ahead.  

*In a parallel world there was BooBoo, moments apart and running past the whales with a shrug of the shoulders as if to say "I could give a ______ about whales."

Running on the WEST SIDE was such an incredible highlight, sweet friends, amazing views, sherpa husbands and wee darlings, and nice friends dropping off fresh fruit.

This was going to be a fabulous marathon...

On the turn around Kim has met up with us, and it's turned into a bit of a gaggle of rooting, friendly, silliness.  My stomach has started to cramp and I'm trying my darndest to ignore it and let the girls around me do all the talking.

Still sharp pains in my abdomen, nauseous, and countless stops to the bushes... I apologize west side.  My shame has left, and I'm alone.  Waving on my patient friends ages ago.

I've got the locals to keep me company and my sherpas.

Around mile 17 my sunny disposition has disappeared, much like our perfect weather.  I'm downing in both tears and rain.  Miserable, is an understatement.

My thoughts now, were almost completely on our friend L.  I'd go into that more, but really don't want to minimize any of it.

I'm now three miles away, pretty sure my fast friends have finished and I'm fighting the urge not to hop in the husbands truck next time he goes by.

Thank goodness for a Cere.

Driving by with thoughts of cheer, she finds me struggling (and yes, still crying).  Without a thought she hops out of her warm car, put up her rain jackets hood and is now running with me in her Uggs mind you, and telling me both funny and shocking, if you knew her stories. Everything I needed!

I'm now a quarter mile away, and there's my BooBoo.  I burst into tears (again), she runs me around the corner. Where my Clark is waiting.  Both BooBoo and Clark are running me up the last hill. My partners.

I can see the clock, my family, my people, the end.  I fall into the arms of my Daryl. It's over. done. finished. completed. accomplished.

It all turns into a weepy love fest of the best kind.

THIS **people who are reading and not understanding why one would put themself through such agony** IS WHY WE DO IT.

*this was Blythes and Tamaras first half marathon plus Kristi and Kims first full.. congratulations my lovelies.

Friday, June 4, 2010

a Recap of sorts..

Last posted, I was miles in, with no good run to speak of.

Today I ran with the BooBoo and the BooBoo's sister,  Frances (she's got a few of them), It's been a long awaited meet. Fb has only allowed me to adore from afar.

We are running 26.2 miles on Sunday, and today was meant to be a short ego boosting, easy run. While it was short.. easy is up to debate. Considering BooBoo is the youngest of the sisters I'm blaming her speed, on something to prove. psshaw. Unfortunately the short fast run, only left me with a, how the fill in cuss word here are we meant to run 22 miles further than that??

Confidence has to be dug from somewhere deeper... we're trained and ready. READY I tell ya.


There was a 4 mile treadmill run a few days back, that was mildly entertaining. Plugged in, listening to don't judge funny music. Watching others in the gym workin' it out.  That in itself is reason enough, to run on a treadmill... my favorite is when the step aerobic adorable gals are in view.  Although that day it was the spinners, and all their glory. 

Tuesday we ran Pear Point with 5 of us.  I don't mind that run, I know I've said that before but it's true.  There is something to be said for insane familiarity.  We ran fast, with lots to discuss, it all went by rather quickly.  Minus the part where my new shoes are doing that annoying thing, where my toes all go numb, then by the time we are finished it's gone all the way up my left leg to my bum (won't be wearing those on sunday)

Thursday, I chose not to run... due to the throwing up and fevery part from the day before. Sort of feel like it was in my best interest.  There were only two that day, most decided to run on their own schedule.  Shannon and Deb were the two, and from what it sounded like it was a great one... ego boosting in full gear.


So there we are.  A bit more up to date.  I promise an attitude adjustment or at least promise to try, and hope for a brilliant report of sundays much anticipated MARATHON!!!