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March 21st, 2015

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle half marathon

We got to Seattle the afternoon before. Leaving the babes with husbands and trading in our motherly duties for ones of lighter stature (shopping, eating, makeovers... running really far)

Checked into our hotel, went upstairs to unload our over stuffed bags... turns out we've both managed to ruin both our keys.

 Then off to my favorite part... Packet pickup slash expo.  Where I picked up a handy new gadget called IFITNESS running belt, always carrying so many random helpful things.  I'm in constant lookout for the perfect pouch of sorts.

We waited in line and shook the hand of fellow Idol, Mr. Scott Jurek. Who, being the stellar athlete and all around *good human being* that he is, signed all of our bibs and wished us well in our running endeavors. 

Meeting up with Katie and Ron Robertson to both hug our support and pick up our yellow TEAM KARINA JEAN shirts and buttons.  They recently lost their daughter in a fight against lukemia.  Their daughter Annika, as a school project put together an incredible fundraiser earning $40,000 benefitting cancer research        A M A Z I N G!! 

Got to bed at a decent hour (only being shushed a couple of times) but not before, every darned alarm clock we could find was set, and at alternating times.  The fear of not waking up is a strong one. 

5:15 am comes fast.... 

Heading out the door we pick up a shannon, and somehow acquire a Zach.  Not really sure where we're going, we trust the other masses of sheep. With quick (trying to stay warm!) steps we make it to the start.

Luckily, we've got the magic chips to keep track of our true time... and with this crowd, crossing the start line is going to take ages. So, when that horn blows... we shuffle.  Saving the fast feet, swerving and dodging for a few more moments.  The sensible Shannon, Kathleen and BooBoo, hold strong to the save your energy approach. While like the bunny, I pretend to be. Darted up with the fella. Where we spent the next nine miles weaving in and out of runners.  Hopping up and over curbs, sidewalks and barriers.

So many people all around, it felt impossible to break away.  

Randomly (miles later) to our left I see Shannon and kathleen coming up strong.  Tired me, ready to slow down, now feeling an extra boost to keep up our pace.  Honing in my nonchalant question asking skills making Shan talk us up the next few hills. 

Up ahead we can see the SPACE NEEDLE  teasing us with it's non-closeness.

One mile left, and the others look unphased, like they could easily run another 12 miles.  While I'm no longer talking and merely concentrating on keeping up.

nearly there...
As we turn into the stadium (great end to a race btw) we dig deep.
and finish... strong!

thank goodness for *that guy*...

And... we're done.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Onto the 20...

I can't remember if it's GRIT & BEAR IT or GRIN & BEAR IT... perhaps it's not BEAR at all but BARE.  But, wouldn't that mean exposing oneself opposed to the beast (hurting my head)?

Whichever, whatever.. one was accomplished and twenty miles was the outcome.
(And the foot is oh thank goodness not any worse off)

Dressed like we were off to run Antarctica, we headed out through town onto Beaverton Valley Rd. BooBoo was running 10 miles, which meant after 4, she was off on her own.

We discussed the first water drop. And how (strong language) cold it was!!  Thank goodness for smart weather resistant thin layers.  We've got everything from long compression socks, base layers, and gloves to jackets, hats and arm warmers.

Our half way mark included a short quarter mile out and back that will hopefully measure the proper distance we won't be having to add onto the end of our run.  We fill our water bottles, empty our bladders (tmi?), peel our satsumas... then with freshly frozen fingers... shuffle our legs to begin again.

The second half separates us.  The chilly undertone of our run, has silenced us, and it's turned to... good music and fast feet.  Although always in each others sights.

Once we've reached the outskirts of town, the realization of proper calculations is a comfort.  There will be no adding on of millage.  Just a simple stop and mild dusting of our shoulders of a job well done.

locker room after run... *notice the can of tuna in hand*

hot tub, cold chocolate milk...mmmmm
(this photo's not doing it justice, but notice how white shannon's poor fingers are?)

the choc. milk was swell and all, but...

20 miles... average pace 9min. 42sec.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a trial run... of sorts..

Last week we ran our eighteen miles..
While it felt good at the time running.  The next morning, I could barely walk on it without wanting to cry.

After a full summer of BooBoo's aching foot saga.  I was scared to find out what this *new pain* meant for my running future.

So today we ran a four mile jaunt with the hopes of feeling, no pain.
Not so much, it was a grit and bear it run all four miles.  shucks.

We are meant to run 20 miles in two days, and now the question is, do I risk it and get on with it? Or do I hold off and let it rest a bit?

There is a good reason why it's a well known fact that runners make the worst patients.  The whole GET ON WITH it happens a bit more often than most would like to admit.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dropping like flies...

For one week I was out of the Gym, off the roads and sentenced to seven full days of rest and hopeful relaxation.... My once bragged about superpower of a shockingly high immune system, was proven to be a big fat sham.  Turns out I'm a mere mortal... shucks.


You would assume the lack of lovlies would be due to the serious temperature drop paired with the blustery rudeness.  But apparently, no.  It was a child with possible chicken pox, work commitments, chest colds, and a cat with an unfortunate puncture to it's head.

So that left Meghan, Waeow, and I... After completely changing our course we turned our trusty watches on, hoping the satellites will quickly show themselves so we could get on with the running part.  

Waeow stayed with us for the first three miles, turning onto a Schoolhouse #2 rd. (a six mile loop, pretty sure she made it a farther run than that though).  The wind not helping matters, we continued on with all layers intact.  Although the first article of clothing shed was a flyaway hat, chucked into a fellow RLR's mailbox about a mile down the road.

Legs, breath and well... body, all looking forward to getting to the magical six mile mark.  Where suddenly cadence and heart rate settle into a more natural feeling groove.  We spent some time talking about how hard getting out there and running three miles can be compared to ten most days.  So basically, to all of you out there just starting out, it gets easier the further you go! Promise.

Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately... the part where we got to our awaited, easier miles.  Also came the first of many dreaded forever long hills (and please don't mistake me for saying we hadn't already been running many, this is just one we literally dread) Needless to say, it was time to quiet our banter and plug into some hopefully inspiring music to push us up, and on.

Around mile nine, and yes running up yet another hill, I laughed outloud.  And continued for the next 3min. 35seconds thanks to the song I Got Hurt Feeling/Tears of a Rapper by Flight of the Concords.  Trying to replay the silly going on in my earbuds, I'm pretty sure I just slaughtered it with my giggly off-key-ness.  Apparently, the goofy.. helps with the miles flying by part, though.

On top of Bailer Hill the wind decided to pick up a bit.  We yelled at it to "quit it already", but it was to no avail.  So instead we yelled at it to "keep on blowing", holding onto some control of the situation.  Oh, and while your at it, feel free to start to rain a bit... thats right, who's in charge round here? 

When we reached the False Bay turn out and self made water station, we noticed the sun breaking through the dark clouds over the Olympic Mountains.  Suddenly so happy we chose this route, not to mention the fact that we live in such a place.  False Bay road is a favorite (perhaps you recall it being the main attraction of the RLR Half Marathon) yet running it from this direction, is not.  It makes the once gradual downhill... a three mile mockery of our leg strength.  It's just a good thing it's purdy, I suppose.

Turning onto Cattle Point rd. is a mild relief.  Our homeward stretch, no more turns, and only.. *cough*.. two more dreaded hills to go.  The mild part, being it's still five miles away from sitting in a hot tub.  Once we reached the peak of the last hill, Meghan pointed over to... oh, what's that??... a rainbow.  Awe, so close now.  My once light and strong legs, have turned to aching and impatient.  Getting gritty, but, yes... so close.

Turning onto Spring St., we step up our pace, look at our watches and decide how important it is to end on an even number or settle for the 17.45... we ran on, cause we're annoying like that.

Where's the beep.... ahhh.... there's the beep.  Almost uncomfortable our legs stop running, we walk for a moment then hug our "thank goodness it's overs!!"

Hi, hot tub.

18 miles
average pace, 9 min. 32 seconds.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It just sounds cold outside...

Making it hard to feel motivated to get out the door, while wearing the appropriate weather proof outfit. Opposed to sweats and a fleece, prepared to go... oh... drink a cup of tea.

Oh.. October, you've finally decided to show us you're not all sunshine and blue skies haven't you.

When I got to the gym, I was pleasantly surprised by how many gals were there.  Pretty sure Washington women are the toughest around (just sayin').

We ran the Madden Ln. loop, just backwards.  Then at the last moment, threw in the airport trail, which was a nice change of pace.  It added just the tiny bit of mileage, but pleasantly slowed us down.  You know the whole being cautious, as to not fall on ones face thing.

Both Tamara and Deb chose to stay on the road, concerned about the slowing down part and having places they needed to be.  

Our runs lately have been feeling quite... dare I say... inspired.  We've all, collectively, been running faster and feeling stronger.  Feeling pretty great to live in such a gorgeous place, with so many incredible women.  

Thanks for running with us!!

5.3 miles at a 9min 16sec. pace.


we are always happy to have new joiners!!  If you have yet to run with us, or know any of us very well... I promise we are all nice.  Please DO NOT feel intimidated by our distances, there are always options for shorter routes.  Plus, miss BooBoo (who is coming back from an injury) will be leading the ones who have more of a half marathon in mind opposed to a full or (oh, geez) a 50k.

So come run with us!! TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS at 8:30am in front of SJI FITNESS!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long run thursdays...

Our calendars for upcoming races have been studied, highlighted and a few already registered for.

Out of the masses, we are collectively training for an 8k, 3 half marathons, a 25k, 4 full marathons, a 50k, a run as much as you can 57 miler, and one super ambitious IRONwoMAN.  So our training begins....


Unfortunately for some... I hadn't let others in on that small detail (THE STARTS TODAY part)

So with a group the size that we had, four ran the four mile loop (sounds appropriate), one ran the six miler and the remaining four (or was it five) ran nine and a half.

When we started, less than quarter mile in we realized nobody remembered water... and suddenly we're all completely parched.  A random fella on a bicycle pedaling by at the right moment smirked at the joke of having to makeout to stay hydrated... oh boy.

We past the four mile and six mile turn outs and waved farewell to our shorter distance lady friends for the time being.  Running on... we turned onto Egg Lake Rd, where the massive(est) of all massive dogs ran to the fence, sure he has super shaggy eye covering, adorable hair, but that bark was intimidating.  Moments later a wobbly kneed deer hopped out of the brush (although completely harmless and incredibly cute) startling me as well.  Geesh get ahold of yourself. 

Three meadows is a new favorite road.  It's both wooded and opens to lovely pastures.  No traffic and even better.... no hills, or at least any going up.  Our friend Sophie was jogging past, so we said a quick hello.  She's nice.  There were a good 3-4 deer that hopped out and I'm happy to say none scared myself or my other (brave) running friends.

There were discussions of all our upcoming goals.  Mainly, miss Meghan who has committed to a full ironman!!  For those of you not in the know, thats a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 run.  Basically something worth a bit of AWE and AMAZEMENT.  The training for something so ambitious takes a ridiculous amount of time, dedication, support and energy.  Impressed and already proud of her.

Where Three Meadows meets Roche Harbor road, there's an enormous pasture full of a gaggle (yeah, pretty sure a gathering of horses is called a gaggle... so, go with it) of horses.  All staring at us, and wanting to be pet.  Welcoming the option to stop running for a moment... we did.

The remaining miles seemed to fly by.  With smiles of way to go, we hugged our good jobs, and said our goodbyes.

Thanks for the run gals.

9.3 miles, average pace 9min 14sec 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

again with the two days later...

We are four.

Being the odd one out, who didn't run a speedy 13.1 miles a mere two days earlier.  I was confident I'd be told to go far far away, for suggesting anything other than a 3-4 mile run... Instead, it was all "OKs" and "As long as we go slows" to a 6 mile jaunt.

Heading out to Warbass to run PEAR POINT, our pace was already semi fast.  Everyone looked like they were feeling pretty great, so I chose to not point this out.  Why disrupt a good thing.  Besides I assumed if it wasn't okay... our suddenly not so shy Tamara would let us know with some creative language that we best SLOW DOWN.

Although our attitudes stayed in check.  The end in sight and the concluding beep of our watches.. is always welcome.

6miles 9min. 8second pace

Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 RLR half marathon!!

The BooBoo and I looking rather official (ish)... Playing the role of 
RACE DIRECTOR for the second time this year.

It's now one day later (back of hand, wiping proverbial sweat off forehead)... All that organizing, plotting, and "gee I hope it goes well" paid off.  It's that feeling of planning an extravagant party and hoping people show up, and maybe you'll even wear the right dress. 

We stayed at the Earthbox Motel the day/night before, where we had people pick up their numbers and last minute register.  It was a day of lining all our ducks in a row.  Marking the course with spray chalk, picking up last minute odds and ends, trying to dry out a cell phone that had been dropped in tea, checking in on all our absolutely incredible volunteers, and figuring out the new timing system.

Our alarms were set three to be exact, dinner eaten, hot tub soaked, lined and realigned the so called ducks... WE ARE READY...

It's 8:30am BooBoo and I are still on the course putting up mile markers and the ever so important *CAUTION RUNNERS ON ROAD* 
signs.  We have somehow missed where mile 8 was meant to go, but have run out of time.  Maybe it'll make the run feel shorter, and we'll have done our friends a favor... maybe.

Back in perfect island time to shake hands with our helpful police officers, hug our wishes of a great run to all our friends, talk about safety, explain the course... and...READY... SET... super annoying horn GO!!!

Words can not express how great this part felt!  So proud of all our girls!!  

There were 61 in all... mostly from our tiny little island.  Women who had never ran/walked further than 6 miles, bravely laced up their tennies and challenged themselves to a please pat yourself on the back and maybe reward yourself with a cheeseburger 13.1 miles.  Not a small feat.  

Driving the course, to cheer on, check on, and mildly scare a few unsuspecting gals with obnoxious horns and super enthusiastic whooooops!  You'd never guess there were such #$%$#$# hills, with all the smiles we saw!  

Have I mentioned yet how incredibly gorgeous it was?.... IT WAS INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!!  The sun came out as promised, and was comfortably warm as well.  One might go as far to say it was the perfect running weather... you're welcome.

The race ended back at the Earthbox Motel where there was delicious soup, local bread, chocolate milk, fresh fruit, shopping lululemon... yes shopping, and a hot tub all to reward yourself with. 

We can't thank all of you enough for all the support you've given us!  We couldn't have done any of it with out you!  Sincerest of THANK YOUS!!!

There will never be another first!! Great job runners!!

PS there are more photos to be seen from the race on our facebook page... come be our "friend"

a video... rlr half marathon

RLR half marathon... 2010 results

1 Stacie Tangney   01:45.210
2 Meghan Hoffman 01:45.220
3 Zoe Jenning   01:48.190
4 Shannon Miniken   01:48.590
5 Bethany Ceasaro  01:50.110
6 Kelly Hjelle  01:51.500
7 Marissa Evans  01:51.570
8 Stephanie Smith  01:53.500
9 Deb Vermeire  01:54.560
10 Kim Wickman  02:00.390
11 katie Dillery  02:04.160
12 Jennifer Ayers  02:05.040
13 Cloud Oakes   02:05.300
14 Debbie Rishel  02:08.040
15 Tamara Greene  02:08.040
16 Waeow Shaller  02:08.180
17 Shannon Kelley  02:11.530
18 Marty Robinson   02:12.260
19 Denyse Davis  02:13.240
20 Kristi Richardson    02:14.060
21 Rachel Newcombe  02:16.090
22 Cynthia Buttrey 02:23.480
23 Kendra Miller 02:26.270
24 Cady Seiler 02:28.200
25 Joyce Stimpson   02:32.310
26 Delores Sentinella   02:37.220
27 Amanda Rennick  02:38.520
28 Jackie Reiff  02:39.520
29 Vida Wight  02:53.100
30 Cere Demuth  02:53.100
31 Barbar Foster  02:53.450
32 Rebecca Housen  02:54.050
33 Heather Lee   02:54.060
34 Toi Wright   02:59.460
35 Ashley Strutz 03:02.040
36 Lyndsay Johnson  03:02.300
37 Bridgett Reitan  03:02.300
38 Amber Kleine  03:08.590
39 Carolyn Leighton    03:08.590
40 Debbie Pigman   03:11.280
41 Jennifer Horn  03:23.490
42 Libbey Oswald  03:23.490
43 Mo Mcnally    03:29.290
44 Penny Dunn  03:29.290
45 Julie Carlson   03:30.120
46 Michelle Lambright  03:30.190
47 Debbie Cutting  03:30.250
48 Sherry Lawson  03:30.260
49 Shannon Calverley    03:38.300
50 Vikky Dauciunas 03:38.310
51 Stacie Baker  03:47.580
52 Heather Allen  03:47.590
53 Barbara Ray   03:48.020
54 Martha Dickinson  03:48.030
55 Adrienne Bourne   04:09.390
56 Maureen Marinkovich   04:09.390
57 Sara Jensen   04:09.400

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little reminder of why we live here...

Sunday mornings at my house are leisure ones, filled with down pillows, oversized comforters, and cozy cuties.

So when the 6:30am alarm rang, it was tough to not push snooze for the next, oh, 800 times...

I picked up Shannon, who was waiting patiently at the end of her drive, we drove to where Kathleen was waiting patiently at American Camp.(okay so maybe I did push that snooze button a couple times).  Hugged our hellos, Stretched our stretches, started our watches and headed for the trails.

The south end of the island is known for fog and wind.  There was def. lots of fog but the wind was absent this morning.  We started through American Camp and headed to the woods of Jakles Lagoon. The three of us taking full advantage of the solitude of the trails and the comfort of the fog to spill our thoughts.

*Recently there was a commitment from quite a few people to run the ORCAS ISLAND 25K FAT ASS (yes that is really the name of the event) Which is all trail, not to mention climbs to the top of... deep breathe... Mt Constitution.

So with the thought of our *fat a##es* we went up Mt Finlayson the hard way.  It's a trail so steep some call it the "hello buddah" or "b*tch slap" hill (alright maybe nobody calls it the second one, but it sort of is one).  I've walked up that hill plenty of times, even carried babies up it... but running it is sort of a different challenge.  Oh what have I got myself into.. 

Once we made it to the top we took a moment to slow our pulse and catch our breathe, then looped around making our way back to American camp, where we ran the cliffs of all the nearby coves.  This last part, the part where we're nearly finished, and the fog is breaking up, and the views are beyond incredible... and, and and... is when we need to take a moment and truly realize the immense beauty of this island.

I feel so lucky to live here.  And to have such great friends to share it with.

8 miles 10min. 20second ave. pace

come run with us!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turns out I'm in a rock band...

Or at least have been acting like it...

Oh, summer... goodbye.

This funny little town has one night a week that it stirs up a tad and invites the locals to come on over and sing their hearts out.  Sometimes it sounds incredible yet mostly its just fun to watch the awfulness come alive (sorry thats not very nice... you're mom sounded lovely)... *karaoke*

So home at 2am and up and at em at 7am, keeping my cool at the constant loss of one shoe, not to mention the backpack, and the "just please, brush your teeth ladies!!", ... and we're out the door.

It's thursday, which not only means running with my lady part friends (I realize that sounds pretty gross, but it's sort of funny... right?.. no?... it is.) but it also means a longer distance.

So with lack of sleep on my side, I grabbed an extra water and told everyone the route I thought was best suited for the day... it was quickly adjusted.  And we were off.

Cursing the lack of sunglasses, we tried to truly appreciate the warmth of our late september sun.

We were eight in all.  Five running the full twelve and three begrudgingly running the six I originally suggested.  The second part was a trip to the FH lab trails.  Where there was only a mild amount of tripping and stumbling, at least there wasn't any brilliant BooBoo tumbles... def. DO NOT need any more of those.  Have I mentioned that she recently broke a toe?? Oh dear BooBoo, please stop it. x

We finished the trail, ran up a large hill, then there was a suggestion (from the off road girl) that maybe we should run back the same direction taking full advantage of the TRAIL.. We were split now, Shannon and Meghan running through the woods once again and Deb, Tamara and I making our way on the main roads.  Where we'll have to do a few creative loops to make it an even twelve.

On the tail end of one of our creative loops there was a mere suggestion that we add on a tiny more... and thats where we got the adorable $#%#$ ^&*$$#  from, I won't say who (it wasn't Deb, or I) And once again we split.

In the end it was a rather fast twelve and a happy one at that even with the mild cursing.

thanks gals.

12 miles, ave. pace 9min 34sec

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A change of direction.

Today we were three... Celia, Shannon and me (I realize that may be bad grammar but, I, doesn't flow as swell)

We talked about the course and came to a GRAVEL PIT conclusion.  

Although once we got to the gravel pit, there was a change of direction from the Shan and I.  Both deciding that a longer route at a slower pace, was what we were craving.  So until next time gravel pit, it's PEAR POINTS turn to get tread on (and yes, I am aware of the cheese I just spread there)

There was a wave to Miss Celia and an, off on our merry way... It's a stolen chance to have a one and one run with a buddy.  So we took the opportunity to make it a little longer.  Lots of problems in the world to solve after all.

*I might add, that the part where we were going to slow it down a bit... apparently doesn't apply when you run with that girl though.  geesh.

6 miles   9min 7second pace

Friday, September 24, 2010

glad my friends aren't into heroine...

Woke with the thought of telling my running friends that I need a day to rest...

Drove the adorables to school, and suddenly felt happy that I chose to at least wear my running clothes...

Pulled into the gym parking lot and decided four miles wouldn't be so bad...

Said hello to the NINE other pretties, and suddenly thought six miles would be a good round number...

Got past the first six miles and figured it wouldn't be so awful to continue to the full nine miles...

** just glad my friends aren't into heroin, cause apparently... I'm impressionable**

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SO IT BEGINS... again.

Week one. down.

Our first run back was a drizzly one, although you wouldn't guess it from the lack of clothing on a few of us.  We were seven in all and ran the HELLO FRIDAY HARBOR, a random loop boarding our tiny little town.  It was a solid four miles but when it feels like you can get back to your cozy car and out of the rain at any moment, four feels like two. Promise.

Day two of week one, we were nine in all.. I'm going to guess the sunshine had a bit to do with our increase in number.  We ran the GRAVEL PIT.  Not exactly a favorite. Yet I haven't ventured that way since we were all together last spring, so it was a welcome one.  BooBoo, the tall one, and now the bruised one, fell. HARD.  sensitive me.... took a photo.

I didn't say it was a very good one... and yes, she's okay.

My watch died half way through, so I can't be exact when I tell you it was a fast one... You'll just have to take my word.

Together again... missed you.

tuesdays and thursdays 8:30am... come run with us.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dude in a VAN..

So it's now past midnight, I'm showered, hydrated, tired, and ready to go find out what all my book friends have been up to.  I met up with my real life friend Tanja, a fellow restaurantier gal who wanted to see what running at night felt like.  Whether it was brilliant or not worth giving up the tequila.

I was in charge of the headlamp... which sadly means there was no headlamp tonight.  Luckily for us the moon was moments from it's fullest and the sky was clear.  headlamp/shmedlamp.  But wait, there's that part about cars and, well, safety... We stayed close to town, keeping our miles on the short side.  Besides I really want T. to run with me again.

As we ran down Warbass Way we saw the dude making his bed in his van, I reminded myself once again of why I don't run certain streets by my lonesome.  I'm sure it's too many movies like Silence of the Lambs, thats warped my brain... but hey safety first... right??

Heres to conning one more buddy into running super late.

3miles.. not sure the pace.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hill repeats

Last nights run was strictly an attitude adjuster. My night at work (prime rib, halibut, wine slinger)was full of needy, unappreciative people... I told that part to BooBoo this morning and she just laughed at me, as if it's hilarious to expect anything less. So a swift run was exactly what was needed to end the night, that way crappy attitude can stay there and happy self can go home.

This evening was a mild one. Basically light attitudes all around, management, chefs, waitresses, guests. Besides one swift talking to about using the wrong BREAD DRAWER one too many (blanking) times... by fellow co-worker. A rather smooth night.

Andrea was my partner in the moonlight tonight. She volunteered to be the goofball (I mean super cool one) with the headlamp on, if it wasn't for the sake of safety, the moon was so full, there was no need for it.

We ran around white point, only jumping once from what seemed like a gazillion deer everywhere. Once around the three mile loop, we pushed each other into doing hill repeats. Each one equalling a quarter mile. It wasn't fast, or very pretty... But four were accomplished. And if you know what hill I'm talking about you'd call it an accomplishment too.

Home now, and officially tired.

4miles ave. pace (including hill repeats) 10min. 22 sec.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here I am...

Alright, okay, hello.
Long time... I know.

We've separated recently, and I've missed you. I don't blame you, I blame... summer. "I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray" (I was going to post a link to the inspired TEGAN AND SARA song Back In Your Head, but upon looking up on YouTube I realized it's sort of creepy.)  The night has been my mystr.. Oh dang, I can't even finish that sentence, even I'm not that dorky. stopping now.

Wait, I don't hold anything against summer. Summer brings out my favorite self.  The late night, sleepy beachy mornings, mixed up/lax schedule self... The one where every morning it's about me and the wee ladies, and what body of water we want to hang at, pool, beach, lake, pond.  Wether we want to add little wee friends or big adorable ones.  

Running in the summer takes a little creativity, at least for myself and well, most the mama friends I keep.  I've solved my problem with late night midnight jaunts.  The husband works days, while I wait tables in the evening, so as mentioned earlier, my days are filled with leisure darlings. So running after work, solves both the interruption of such precious time, plus the part where who is going to take care of them while I run for hours?? summer.

My night runs have been a mix of fun adventurous people, and I'm hoping the trend will catch on.  We run anywhere from 3 miles to 8.  generally starting at 11pm and ending past midnight.  After serving people prime rib and halibut cheeks with a look of "I'm totally interested in everything you have to say" plastered on my face all night, it's either a large glass of some adult beverage or my new favorite MILES UNDER THE MOONLIGHT.  

Tonights run was 4miles and it was swell.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madden madame.

Just yesterday, the BooBoolator said she COULD NOT wait to get the (insert creative cuss word here) away from Cattle Point Rd... I assured her there would be no running on that road on our last two official group runs of the school year.

ummmm..... we ran the Cattle Point-Madden Lane loop today.  Blythe was so cute when she suggested the route, I couldn't say no.  (If you knew her you wouldn't have been able to either)  And the actress played the part of not caring where we run.

Although we love her, we sent Ms. Erickson away.  She could barely stand straight with back pain, yet still wanted to go out running.  Silly girl.

We've decided that both Deb and Meghan need to be our personal running clothes shoppers.  They both bring some serious style to the road.  Who says spandex has to be boring.  (A bit of an oxymoron, don't ya think?)

The actual run felt okay, not amazing, but not horrible either... so there's that.  We've all decided to do a little naked running.  Which sounds a bit more exciting than it actually is. All it means is no ipod, no watch, no H. rate monitors, etc..  In theory that sounds like a great idea.  But when you are running with fasties, it's sort of nice to have the pat on your back that the watch can provide after a quick paced run.

Like I said, this was our last of two official runs for the school year.... I'll be posting on facebook all sorts of running opportunities.  And hopefully we can run with you soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

mmmmm.... doughnuts.

**This title is a little more fitting than when I was trying to sell a pair of crocks on ebay (I know, who does that) titling it "mmmmm... crocks".  Totally wrong on a few levels... a funny story follows, but you'll have to ask me about it later.  I'm getting off track.**

There's another running group here on the island that regularly runs from town out to Roche Harbor a nice 11-sh mile jaunt (I like using the word jaunt after a seemingly high mileage), with the reward of chocolate, vanilla, sprinkled, sugar coated deliciosness.  Unfortunately it was the wrong weekend to correspond with the other sugar addicts... So we made our own DOUGHNUT RUN.

Kathleen who will be running a (crossed fingers) PR at the Rock'n'Roll Seattle in a few short weeks needed to run 13.  Shannon, Blythe and I decided to tag along for the first 10.7 miles of it. Ending on the other side of the island, with patiently waiting children to help devour the doughnuts and swim in the pool.

This is the part where I tell you how amazing the weather was... the weather was amazing.

No really, the muggy start was flattered with light sprinkles, then comfortable rain.  We were a happy, light hearted bunch.  Miles seemed to fly by, and instead of heavy tired legs.  Mine seemed to be feeling quite agreeable.

We had two separate people jokingly time us.  One in his car, he slowed to a seemingly slow crawl (matching our pace). Then informed us we were at a whopping 6 mile pace "speed it up girls."  The next was closer to the end, where an older couple stopped mid hike to hold out their watch and wait till we passed, again "speed up girls".  Don't we have some rather funny people on this island.

The Alpacas were shaved and both adorable and hilarious to look at.  I bet Alpacas would be a witty bunch, if they could talk... just sayin'.

The rain has stopped, clouds are separating and sun is nearly out.  And wait... we're nearly finished.  Our timing is impeccable. Like I said amazing weather.

There goes Kathleen on her own,  we thought about joining her for the last couple miles... and that felt nice.  Instead we hopped in the pool and saved her a doughnut.

Thanks for the much (MUCH MUCH) needed great run.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two days later...

finally a great run.

And all it took was finishing a marathon and completing a fundraiser.

No watches, no music, no heart rate monitors ... mostly though, no... pressure.  There's this part after a marathon where you are allowed to take a week off if you'd like to.

A mere two days later, there was not one or two but a crowd, we even had a new addition (hi Maureen)  running slow, we stayed together and recounted each others experience with the previous couple days.

I feel so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of women.  I'm touched by the amount of support and love that circulates between all of us.  The love fest continues. xxo

2010 San Juan Island Marathon!!

moments before the race began.

We all look quite fresh and ready to kick a little a.  

Little did we know there would be PRs crushed, sickness overcome, torrential downpours, challenges beyond what we trained for, orca sightings...

Casey and Stacie took off from the getgo... fast and furious (my cheese is showing) they are.  Best quotes of the day, come from the two of them. Stacie; "I'm not fast, I was just trying to catch up with Casey to tell her she was going to fast... ten miles later, now I'm just running too fast". and from Casey "I remember thinking it felt surreal, that if I woke up and it was all a dream I wasn't going ot run in the AM".  

Susan has leapt ahead as well, she's not only speedy but can hold onto her pace for a long, long... long.. long, long time. Making it look incredibly easy. She finished the marathon in 3:41:39, literally seconds over the qualifying mark for Boston, maybe I shouldn't mention that part.

BooBoo, Deb, and I ran the first six miles together.  There was lots of inappropriate giggling due to a rather funny man, we'll call him Dwight.  Up ahead we can see the incredible back (both upper and lower) of our girl Meghan, and the medical journal calves of miss Miniken.  Talking about/admiring the fit bodies around us is a fun distraction.  

All around there is chatter, and lots of "Wow, can you believe how perfect the weather is"??... oh, the joy of running for hours and hours, with a moody sky.

The three of us have split up, we've got music on and a hill to climb... for the next three to four miles, I'll be running hard to catch back up with Deb, Shannon, and Meghan.  When the 1/2 and full runners split, I get my first glimpse of Blythe and am moments from catching up with buddies. 

We're on the west side now, the weather is still wonderful.. perfect some might even continue to say.  I've caught back up and things are looking up.  We pass by a water station where the woman tells us there are whales to be seen up ahead.  

*In a parallel world there was BooBoo, moments apart and running past the whales with a shrug of the shoulders as if to say "I could give a ______ about whales."

Running on the WEST SIDE was such an incredible highlight, sweet friends, amazing views, sherpa husbands and wee darlings, and nice friends dropping off fresh fruit.

This was going to be a fabulous marathon...

On the turn around Kim has met up with us, and it's turned into a bit of a gaggle of rooting, friendly, silliness.  My stomach has started to cramp and I'm trying my darndest to ignore it and let the girls around me do all the talking.

Still sharp pains in my abdomen, nauseous, and countless stops to the bushes... I apologize west side.  My shame has left, and I'm alone.  Waving on my patient friends ages ago.

I've got the locals to keep me company and my sherpas.

Around mile 17 my sunny disposition has disappeared, much like our perfect weather.  I'm downing in both tears and rain.  Miserable, is an understatement.

My thoughts now, were almost completely on our friend L.  I'd go into that more, but really don't want to minimize any of it.

I'm now three miles away, pretty sure my fast friends have finished and I'm fighting the urge not to hop in the husbands truck next time he goes by.

Thank goodness for a Cere.

Driving by with thoughts of cheer, she finds me struggling (and yes, still crying).  Without a thought she hops out of her warm car, put up her rain jackets hood and is now running with me in her Uggs mind you, and telling me both funny and shocking, if you knew her stories. Everything I needed!

I'm now a quarter mile away, and there's my BooBoo.  I burst into tears (again), she runs me around the corner. Where my Clark is waiting.  Both BooBoo and Clark are running me up the last hill. My partners.

I can see the clock, my family, my people, the end.  I fall into the arms of my Daryl. It's over. done. finished. completed. accomplished.

It all turns into a weepy love fest of the best kind.

THIS **people who are reading and not understanding why one would put themself through such agony** IS WHY WE DO IT.

*this was Blythes and Tamaras first half marathon plus Kristi and Kims first full.. congratulations my lovelies.

Friday, June 4, 2010

a Recap of sorts..

Last posted, I was miles in, with no good run to speak of.

Today I ran with the BooBoo and the BooBoo's sister,  Frances (she's got a few of them), It's been a long awaited meet. Fb has only allowed me to adore from afar.

We are running 26.2 miles on Sunday, and today was meant to be a short ego boosting, easy run. While it was short.. easy is up to debate. Considering BooBoo is the youngest of the sisters I'm blaming her speed, on something to prove. psshaw. Unfortunately the short fast run, only left me with a, how the fill in cuss word here are we meant to run 22 miles further than that??

Confidence has to be dug from somewhere deeper... we're trained and ready. READY I tell ya.


There was a 4 mile treadmill run a few days back, that was mildly entertaining. Plugged in, listening to don't judge funny music. Watching others in the gym workin' it out.  That in itself is reason enough, to run on a treadmill... my favorite is when the step aerobic adorable gals are in view.  Although that day it was the spinners, and all their glory. 

Tuesday we ran Pear Point with 5 of us.  I don't mind that run, I know I've said that before but it's true.  There is something to be said for insane familiarity.  We ran fast, with lots to discuss, it all went by rather quickly.  Minus the part where my new shoes are doing that annoying thing, where my toes all go numb, then by the time we are finished it's gone all the way up my left leg to my bum (won't be wearing those on sunday)

Thursday, I chose not to run... due to the throwing up and fevery part from the day before. Sort of feel like it was in my best interest.  There were only two that day, most decided to run on their own schedule.  Shannon and Deb were the two, and from what it sounded like it was a great one... ego boosting in full gear.


So there we are.  A bit more up to date.  I promise an attitude adjustment or at least promise to try, and hope for a brilliant report of sundays much anticipated MARATHON!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bit of HONESTY...

Where do I begin??

I've missed a marathon and a three, four, maybe five group runs to catch up on droning on and on about.

And can only assume I've been greatly missed (insert smirky face here)

I'm just going to be honest and say I'm burnt out, exhausted, tired (where's my thesauraus and how do you even spell thesaurous THESAURUS (there we go)). Maybe most people wouldn't admit this, just smooth over the rough edges keeping up the face of what others hold them up to. But life happens and we are all human.

Recently a close friend was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, and to say the very very least it has rocked/shook/broken (again.. hello thesaurus) a part of me.

That mixed with children, husbands, work.. etc. Where running has normally been a saving grace. Lately I personally have just found it to be... well... hard.

The island Marathon is coming up in a little over a week. (deep sigh)

Heres to pulling it together and strong runs ahead!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodmoring Boise

It's been a LONG while since I've willingly woken up at 5:45am. And considering I am technically on vacation, there was (insert wink here) definately, no wine drank or fatty foods eaten.

Brookie and I are outside waiting for her girlfriend Wendy, her dependable early mornin buddy. Running in Boise is generally done in the wee hours, both for child care reasons and unbearable afternoon heat.

I'm dressed in new gear, from new shorts to a smaller water bottle. Feeling equally nervous about running a marathon in 80 plus heat and shorts that may or may not be fabulous. A trial run of sorts.

We are running in the north end, making our Way over to camels back park to run the trails. It's nastalgic to say the least. Both being with Brooke and in this neighborhood. I lived here with the husband for about five years before we moved to the island. Although it feels like a lifetime ago. Pre-kids, pre-responsibilities, a foggy life full of friends and good times.

Our relaxing three mile run turned into a quick paced four mile one. It's now a little past six and it's already surprisingly warm.

The house is silent filled with sleeping lovelies, and I'm feeling great. I think there's something to be said for this early morning thing.

4 miles average Pace 9min. 14sec.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your running 24... I'm not

Dang that's far.

Seriously far.

I've got a ferry to catch and places to go.... My miles will stop at four. Leaving the remaining twenty for the ambitious four remaining, not to mention the other five who are running a solid ten.

We are moments away from wrapping up this whole long distance training thing. And get to start on the tapering part... Pins and needles... waiting for race day.

I was doing an out and back, which only allows me to run a mere two miles with my lady friends.

Not long enough.

In the same breathe of not long enough. The two miles by my lonesome were surprisingly helpful. My ferry was leaving in less than an hour. A clear head, to go over all the things I need to take with me to idaho.

It was a funny feeling, knowing that I had traveled to the mainland while my strong compadres were still out running.

(stinkin' far.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here comes Meghan a wee bit sweaty and 6 miles in her proverbial pocket. 12 this morning. We are a dedicated bunch... So when life says you aren't allowed to run for hours and hours with your girlfriends then we must compromise, hence the starting an hour early so you can at least finish the second hour with your lady friends.

There was Casey who was mildly relieved to find out it was a 12 mile opposed to a 16.  Deb, the darling who just ran a rather FAST half marathon a mere three days ago.  Tamara  plus one, running a hopefully not too confusing 10 (different route). And BooBoo, who quite frankly with that cold should not only be NOT RUNNING... but should be lying down somewhere.

The sun may be shining but the temp. is not feeling so cooperative  Over bundled we are (okay I am),  water bottles, gu, sharkies..... and.... go on already.

For some, starting on Cattle Point hill is a five letter word.  But honestly there is just something about kicking your booty a bit at the beginning to get your head in the right spot for a long(ish) run.  

We turn onto False Bay.  A true FAVORITE.  It's around a mile or two with gorgeous views and a slight downhill.  There are rarely any cars and always a friendly horse or two to nod your head at.

When we make it back into town, Casey who decides that 16 isn't so scary decides to go on.  Deb looks as fresh as always.  And BooBoo has found a place to lay down (gravels never felt so good).  

Our other RLR friends have finished a bit early, I can only assume it all went swimmingly.

12 miles 9min 32sec. ave. pace
P.S. GREAT JOB SUSAN AND KRISTI!!! oh and our token fella Clark.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girls can be so.. moody.

We started with seven of us. Picking up two along the way. Our route was a six mile loop then catching up with a normally 11 mile loop. making it an even, (well odd really) 13 miles.

Running up Spring street to start is generally hard considering it's.. well.. a hill.  And when you run with girls like Blythe (okay I'm to blame a fraction of the time as well) you start out fast.  Setting the pace for a thirteen mile run at a 8:45.  Then when you add in a brisk morning.  It sort of takes the breathe out of ya.

Our speed eventually leveled out as conversations got more involved.  San Juan Valley road is a tight one, and it makes for an easy pass if we all stick close.  Opposed to oncoming cars having to dodge a bunch of scattered ducks.

We meet the crossroads where it's time for the sixes and the thirteens to split.  Wave our waves and continue with solving the problems of the world.  About a mile into the next loop, my emotions get the best of me.  I won't bore you with details.  Us females are an unusual breed.  I suppose it happens to the best of us.  Sometimes turning around when your not feeling a run, can be harder than continuing on.

So many things can make or break a run.  And physical fitness is only a portion of it.

Head up.

I've said it before.... pretty sure there is some unwritten rule about not having to (for lack of better words) crappy runs in a row.

I talked with the rest of the gals, all reporting a pretty great run.  One even adding an additional mile... making it her longest run to date.  Great job Casey.

myself (and the tall one who loves a drama mama)
8 miles average pace 9min 53 sec.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 miles... EPIC?!

Earlier today I drove the route that we ran yesterday.  Retrieving all our empty water bottles.  Quite honestly, it was a little painful just driving it.  every mile I could remember exactly how I was feeling at that exact point.

You know... the corner where I screamed because the largest gnat in the entire world flew into my right eye, and being my always overdressed self including gloves.  I had to be rescued by BooBoo, with her eager to pick at something fingers and Deb who kept watch for cars.  I swear with every blink I could feel my eye trying to swallow the huge bug.

There was the gruesome uphill that lasted for an entire (INSERT EVERY CURSE WORD) mile!! And the mile long downhill that was rewarded with a rather delicious burrito.. once again, a big hit brought to us by miss Shannon.  Strangely appropriate for such a long run!

Or the corner where I screamed for the second time due to a brilliant Idea going rather, well.... south. Lets just say it has to do with an unfortunate chaffed area and some minty lip balm. (muffling a scream just thinking about it)

Rounding out around Douglas road, I've picked up all our water bottles and am coming up on the hardest part... THE WALL. I know you've heard about it... most of you have felt it yourself.  For me, and well... I might be so bold and say all five of us, it was mile 18.  Which clearly sucks considering we've got a whopping 4 more miles left to go.  It's a period of time where your body is too tired and your mind has to take over.  A battle of the brain.  The light hearted banter with the girlfriends has stopped headphones are turned to full capacity and secret bargaining begins. You know that thing that everyone does when they talk to themselves about how they promise to do this or that if they can just... just... finish.

Snapping out of it.  I'm both relieved and happy to have completed such an EPIC run. (I normally scoff at people who use the word epic.  But in this case I think it works.)

Deb with the burrito                                                                                                    
it's now 8:39... lets get movin'...

the top of Cady mountain and a mere 6 miles in.

Getting a little silly, we've topped the mile uphill and are now HALF WAY DONE!!

These pictures were all taken with my phone, with the hopes of capturing an ounce of this island true beauty. 

22 miles. Average pace.  Not exactly sure... lets just say, it took awhile.
Did you notice, that not once did I mention the fact that it rained... the entire time??


It may have only been a three mile run.

But when you've swam a quarter mile, biked 13... those 3 feel like 30, or... 6.

Such a strange feeling, to get off a bike after almost an hour, and then trying to run... heck, trying to walk is hard enough.  I stumble, tripped my way over to setting my bike aside and shedding a few layers.  Heading out, only to be stopped long enough to take off my silly helmet.

So yes. wobbily legs and all... a few of us RLR gals completed our very first TRIATHLONs!

the entire event took me 1:45

Thursday, April 15, 2010

an old hat..

I'm liking that our miles are growing, making a once "long(ish) run" into an everyday run.
I say that.. but if you're just starting out, I promise we'll welcome you with any mileage you're up to running catering to whatever your needs might be. no intimidation.

We were 9 in all... with one extra friend, from out of town.

All running Pear point. A 5.7 mile run.  That if you're wearing "the watch" you'll be running an extra .3 to make it a solid 6.  While the rest of us without the wonderful, yet sometimes a tad tattle-telling gadget settle for the 5.7 calling it 6 (in our heads.)

The run felt easy.  And the weather was on our side.

6 miles.. ave. pace 9min. 42sec.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CHOCOLATE MILK... straight from the jar.

Okay maybe not jar... but JUG... I don't know, it was in a glass container and (dare I say) DIVINE.

After our 14.5 miles we headed straight to get us some milk... chocolaty style.

Bet you didn't realize CHOC. MILK is the number one recovery drink for runners.  And if by chance you did then, well... I'm happy for you.

For the rest of you, heres an excuse for you to indulge in a bit of... YUM. (PS we already told them they need to stock up at the Co-op)

Thats all... we ran... then drank some milk.

14.5 miles. average pace 9min. 39sec.