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March 21st, 2015

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dude in a VAN..

So it's now past midnight, I'm showered, hydrated, tired, and ready to go find out what all my book friends have been up to.  I met up with my real life friend Tanja, a fellow restaurantier gal who wanted to see what running at night felt like.  Whether it was brilliant or not worth giving up the tequila.

I was in charge of the headlamp... which sadly means there was no headlamp tonight.  Luckily for us the moon was moments from it's fullest and the sky was clear.  headlamp/shmedlamp.  But wait, there's that part about cars and, well, safety... We stayed close to town, keeping our miles on the short side.  Besides I really want T. to run with me again.

As we ran down Warbass Way we saw the dude making his bed in his van, I reminded myself once again of why I don't run certain streets by my lonesome.  I'm sure it's too many movies like Silence of the Lambs, thats warped my brain... but hey safety first... right??

Heres to conning one more buddy into running super late.

3miles.. not sure the pace.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hill repeats

Last nights run was strictly an attitude adjuster. My night at work (prime rib, halibut, wine slinger)was full of needy, unappreciative people... I told that part to BooBoo this morning and she just laughed at me, as if it's hilarious to expect anything less. So a swift run was exactly what was needed to end the night, that way crappy attitude can stay there and happy self can go home.

This evening was a mild one. Basically light attitudes all around, management, chefs, waitresses, guests. Besides one swift talking to about using the wrong BREAD DRAWER one too many (blanking) times... by fellow co-worker. A rather smooth night.

Andrea was my partner in the moonlight tonight. She volunteered to be the goofball (I mean super cool one) with the headlamp on, if it wasn't for the sake of safety, the moon was so full, there was no need for it.

We ran around white point, only jumping once from what seemed like a gazillion deer everywhere. Once around the three mile loop, we pushed each other into doing hill repeats. Each one equalling a quarter mile. It wasn't fast, or very pretty... But four were accomplished. And if you know what hill I'm talking about you'd call it an accomplishment too.

Home now, and officially tired.

4miles ave. pace (including hill repeats) 10min. 22 sec.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here I am...

Alright, okay, hello.
Long time... I know.

We've separated recently, and I've missed you. I don't blame you, I blame... summer. "I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray" (I was going to post a link to the inspired TEGAN AND SARA song Back In Your Head, but upon looking up on YouTube I realized it's sort of creepy.)  The night has been my mystr.. Oh dang, I can't even finish that sentence, even I'm not that dorky. stopping now.

Wait, I don't hold anything against summer. Summer brings out my favorite self.  The late night, sleepy beachy mornings, mixed up/lax schedule self... The one where every morning it's about me and the wee ladies, and what body of water we want to hang at, pool, beach, lake, pond.  Wether we want to add little wee friends or big adorable ones.  

Running in the summer takes a little creativity, at least for myself and well, most the mama friends I keep.  I've solved my problem with late night midnight jaunts.  The husband works days, while I wait tables in the evening, so as mentioned earlier, my days are filled with leisure darlings. So running after work, solves both the interruption of such precious time, plus the part where who is going to take care of them while I run for hours?? summer.

My night runs have been a mix of fun adventurous people, and I'm hoping the trend will catch on.  We run anywhere from 3 miles to 8.  generally starting at 11pm and ending past midnight.  After serving people prime rib and halibut cheeks with a look of "I'm totally interested in everything you have to say" plastered on my face all night, it's either a large glass of some adult beverage or my new favorite MILES UNDER THE MOONLIGHT.  

Tonights run was 4miles and it was swell.