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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Went on a run with my girls and it was.... ADORABLE.

Tough little ladies went a full two miles with me... So what if it was just  half a mile of actual running.  They're both excited and proud, pretty sure that's all that matters.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I adore hills...

Is what you're meant to say if you live on this island... although, today.  Not so much.

Todays run was our much anticipated 16 miler out to southbeach (and back.)  When I drove up it was raining, well pouring really.  So much so, that I called both my mom and sister to pull a little sympathy and maybe a bit of "atta girl".

But while waiting for everyone to arrive the clouds parted, the sky turned blue and the sun came out happily taking away our rights to complain (about the weather at least.) The first mile we were 9 in all.  quickly losing one to a much more desired 3 mile loop.  All keeping close we must've been quite a sight, two by twos huddled close enough so we can all be in the conversation.

MILE FOUR, countless rude hills conquered we say farewell to two more, one doing a six mile loop and the other turning around for an eight mile out and back.... with well wishes, we run on.. with hopes of tangerines and water close by (our first drop off, we each take turns dropping off waters and fruit for the gang)

This is our first run in some time that feels fresh.  A pretty great perk about going a longer distance.  It gets a little bland running the same loops week after week.  Todays allowed us to run out on the trails at American camp.  Where surprisingly there was little wind.

MILE EIGHT, our turn around. Some rock we have to touch past the look out point above southbeach and close to the lighthouse... you MUST touch the rock.

Once we've turned around every mile feels that much closer... ha, sorry.. I couldn't resist.

MILE TEN, I've got a pebble in my shoe.  You'd think I would want to stop and get it out.  But it's occupying my mind.  Curling my toes one at a time (sorta tricky) then all at once.. how many times will it take to move the pebble in the small crevice where I will no longer feel it?.. 36.

MILE TWELVE, water stop.  We fill bottles, and pass out fruit. stretch for a moment, and smile since there is now a mere four miles left... uhhg... FOUR MILES LEFT.  whats 37 more minutes of our lives right?

Waving at the cows with adorable black faces, and at cars driving by making strange faces as if to say "didn't I see those girls TWO HOURS ago?" I secretly love that.  I love being out running for hours at a time and waving to the same person 3-4 times. Them running errands and us... well.... running.

MILE FOURTEEN and a HALF, the manageable 9.50 pace has now jumped to ipods on, I'm hungry, that hottub is sooo close, I'm tired of talking 8 1/2 min. pace..

MILE SIXTEEN.... DONE. no more hills, adorable cows, trails, white lines, tangerines. DONE.

for now.

16 miles.  9min 50 sec. average pace.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not all runs are RAVE runs

So the best thing about this run... is that there is some unwritten rule about not having two 'sucky' runs in a row.

We ran pear point, which is a bit of an old hat sort of run.  But around mile 3 I had to ask if our pace is especially fast or if I was just dragging.  It turns out it was just me, or rather, all of us.  I was both annoyed and happy I asked.  Annoyed of the truth... I was hoping for one of them to check their 'know it all' watches and say "OH WOW, you're right we've been running a 8.10 we should really slow down." (not so much)... But relieved I wasn't the only lead legged one.

We ran the motions of our route only stopping long enough to let both a dog and a gal go pee.... which by the way just so hapend to be perfectly timed with a fellow husband to drive by and give us a hard time for just "standing around."

Here's to the unwritten rule... thursdays run is entirely TOO LONG to match the feeling of this one.

6 miles. Average pace 9min. 41sec.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My "it's almost my birthday" run

If Running on another island is a treat... then running on Orcas would be... oh never mind thats even too cheesy for me.

I'll tell you what it was... it was a crazy beautiful day.  Sun sun and more sun!  It's about the only thing that made the "easy" ALL UPHILL (except when there was a little downhill) trail run bearable.  OKay, or maybe the part where we were off the rock with a couple close GFs and it was a (for lack of better words) FREAKING GORGEOUS run.

Trail running is a bit different than what we're used too.  But I'm growing quite a fondness for it.  I like the part where you have to watch your feet so you don't trip.. it somehow makes the miles fly by. And I really can't stress how much I love the part where my super speedy friends S L O W down and make me feel a bit faster to run with them.

So minus the super steepness, there was one amazing waterfall, lots of sweet wildlife and a bit of shared solitude with a couple favorites.

thanks for the pre-birthday birthday run. xo

4.5 miles.... not posting our average pace (although you may feel better about yourself if I do.)

It's been ages.. well, at least a few days

Mid winter break.

Kids are home, friends are on vacation... and running is a luxury not all of us can attain. Yesterday, it meant 4 grueling miles on a treadmill, while the darlings played in nearby 'kid room'. And today it meant one husband home for lunch and being duped into watching 7 kids while we run 49 minutes of his lunch hour. (thanks Jason)

We've got miles to run and days to catch up on.

The route is the labs trail,  a smart one.  Minus the muck the trail means a slower pace, which in turn means more time to jabber and easily so, since our speed isn't controlling by labored breathe. 

The only thing better than the company was the part where it's February and we are comfortably wearing tanktops and shorts. Feeling a bit spoiled.  We take our time and enjoy the calmness of the forrest and the warmth of the sun (and the quiet of NO little ones)

We return back to happy children and a husband that is more than happy to hand back the reigns of child wrangler. 

5 miles. average pace 9 min. 53 seconds

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just the two of us.

We wait a few, for last minute joiners.. But it looks like it's just me and you today.. Oh.. and the dog, YOGI (I know, quite the appropriate name for a girl named BooBoo).  The first quarter mile is always a tad awkward with the pup. He pulls and jumps and chews the leash, while you look unphased.  (Minus the three huge scratch marks on her back.)

Two miles in, the wind starts to pick up and by three the rain.  Both welcome since I'm overdressed once again choosing to not ditch my down vest at the last minute.  We laugh at how silly we must look in comparison... B. with her shorts and tanktop, and me with my long pants, long sleeve shirt and un-ditched vest.

The miles go by fast, a pulling pup and a pending hair  appointment help that a bit.  We are both satisfied with how our bodies are feeling.  Since we just ran 14 two days ago and even more BooBoo is getting back from an injury that has healed surprisingly faster than we had even hoped.

6 miles. average pace 9min. 40sec.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LONG RUNS feeling more like LONG RUNS.

My eyes are sleepy and legs are sore.
turns out running 14 miles might do that to you.

The morning didn't start out so swimmingly.  Daughter #1 was begging for a confirmed playdate while #2 upon drop off realized she had forgotten her Valentines for her big party... refusing to go indoors till daddy brought them to her.  After heavy negotiations I hugged my sad little Valentine and was finally off to meet my non pouty gals.

Unable to locate my regular water bottle, I buckled on my (don't call it a fanny) pack.  Packed full of gu, sharkies, chapstick, t.p., Ipod, phone, water... I remembered everything.  Everything except... my watch.  Not a huge deal, but added to morning stress, throwing me off even a tad more.

There were six of us.  Six girls all prepared (or mostly prepared) to run far. We discussed the route, the pending rain, the part where we all promise to go SLOW (a promise that usually is never kept)... then were off.

Immediately the overpacked (don't call it a fanny) pack started bouncing the most annoying bounce.  That reminded me of why I NEVER use this darned thing.  Four miles down, one wonderfully long version of a short story told, a quick potty break and said bouncy pack is now fastened ever so tightly to middle of my torso. 

 I now feel better mentally but officially look like a goon.

Luckily we break up our 14 miles into two loops of 7.  Drop off our unwanted items, pick up our stashed, and say goodbyes to our fellow runners satisfied with 7.

The second loop went by fast.  We ran the labs trail out and back.  It was a welcome change being on a trail for two miles.  Soft ground, single file and slow pace.  Allowing us a strong finish.

We may have tired legs but All bad attitudes are officially wiped away.  Ready for the day... or at least the... HOTTUB.

14 miles.  Average pace 10 min. 12 sec.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Friday Harbor

Normally we take our jaunts out of town and away from the public eye (eyes that I assume roll after we run by due to the whole morning, coffee, not wanting to exercise thing).

But today we kept it close.  It's trickery really.  Four miles fly by when it feels like you have the option to stop at any moment.  Speaking of stopping at any moment... when the four miles were up, a certain four people (ahem...Stacey, Casey, Shannon and Meghan) decided it wasn't quite long enough.  And being the social driven crowd we are, we ran on.

Arriving back at our starting/ending spot... our smarty pants watches mocked us with 5.74 miles.  Not wanting to end so close to a 6 mile run.... we... ran on.

Maybe if it was a crummy day (windy, rainy), we would have been satisfied with 4 or 5.74 for that matter. But we had sunshine begging us to enjoy it and more stories to tell.

Hopefully you'll join us soon.  And I promise not to make you run farther than you had anticipated... (fingers crossed)

6 miles. Average pace 9min. 17sec.

P.S. a BIG CONGRATS to all who ran the ORCAS ISLAND "FAT ASS".... seriously ridiculous props!!
Great Job Deb, Susan, Kristi and our token fella Clark.  (Deb even ran with us today, not stopping at our promised 4 miles. Studly I tell you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

SHORT LONG (and not talking mullets)

By most standards running nine miles is a LONG run.... but when it's an odd week, it's considered a SHORT long run.  We'll be adding two miles for a total of 14 next thursday.

Although our friendly groundhog two days ago told us we still had six more weeks of winter, todays warm weather might not fully agree with our squinty little buddy.

So yes, gorgeous, dreamy, fabulous day... and three new shiny faces to boot.

We said our "hellos" and "nice to meet yas" discussed the routes, then turned our handy dandy watches on, and were OFF... BooBoo (my other half), ran the first three miles with us (against doctors orders) then held back to chat with our newest members.

The remaining few that carried on, grabbed fresh water, ipods (that were never touched due to no lack in conversation), gu and a fresh attitude to carry on.  We ran around pear point, the run I swear we could do in our sleep.  There is something about running a route that is so familiar, knowing all the hills and turns... you might even call it comforting.

Our pace was a tad fast, but it felt good... we all had places to be, meetings to attend and children to pick up.

9 miles. Average pace of 9 min. 32 sec.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I GREATLY DISLIKE the gravel pit.

I got to the parking lot at 8:27am, not a single spandex wearing lady around.  A bit relieved I hung back in my car for a moment telling myself I'm allowed to go home and crawl back into bed if nobody shows up in the next... oh... 8 minutes.

At exactly 8:33 (2 minutes shy of warm sheets) I see the first of 3 of my running friends.  And to my relief she looks just as tired as I am.  We discuss how cold it is and if we should really wear this extra jacket or that down vest, knowing full well that the comfort it'll give us for the first 5 minutes will be the bane of our next 40.... leave it BEHIND.

We head out slow and continue nice and slow for the remainder of the run.  Thank you small children and restless husbands to help with my sweet sluggish partners (truly appreciated!).

4.43 miles. Average pace 9min 44sec.

it's a bit late

The bummer about being a late night gal... is the part where I am now a (forced) early mornin gal.

My day generally starts at 6:45am and is filled with subtle nagging/prodding of my lovely children out the door with HOPEFULLY brushed teeth and matching socks on (okay I really don't care if they are matching, just as long as there is a pair on... so there'll be no whining of blisters later).

Once the adorables are out, it's time to connect with funny friends... and depending on the morning we will hop on a bike, lace up our shoes, or put on (the ever so unattractive) bathing suit.  Then it's onto Hashing out our afternoon schedules, discussing dinner ideas, and filling each other in on local gossip.

Tomorrow is no exception.  Although I took the short ones to the movies tonight so I can only assume they'll be a dream to get up and out the door, and considering now that it's now past 1am I'm sure I'll be a dream as well.  We'll run 4-5 miles, hopefully swim a few 20 laps and get on with our playdate making, PTA event planning, grocery getting, dog grooming selves.

sweet dreams