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March 21st, 2015

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Monday, February 7, 2011


My first thoughts out the door were..."perhaps I should wait till spring for my first run back (it's colder than a ______ on a ____ in the middle of _____!)"

But I pulled on my fancy new pinstripe (yes pinstripe, it's formal wear for running apparently) leggings, all my masses of layers, not to mention both my *ankle and wrist braces* special me and met with the girls.

Annette joined us this morning love that, along with Stacey, Meghan, Casey and Tamara... Once the discussion of jacket no jacket, vest no vest, was figured.. we were chillily off.

Meghan who is training for her first IRONMAN just ran the grueling Fat Ass 25K and is doing the expected "I'm going to be really slow today" and "I'm seriously just going to be taking it easy..." Meanwhile mile .08 both Tamara and I are looking at our watches feeling a bit deflated with the taking it easy pace of 8:15 minute miles.  *We slow down*

This is my third run since the incident and my fingers are crossed that I can make it past 1.5 miles.

Halfway up cattle point rd., the turn off is with in sight... considering my options of distance and injuries, I can see the "don't be an idiot" look on Tamara's face and don't even mention the part about wanting to continue on (cause I know she's right).... baby steps.

We yell our "goodbye" and wave our "have a nice run" turning onto the trail.  The muddy *please don't twist your ankle* and feel free to *walk* trail.  Out of the woods, and up ahead is Annette, smiley as always.  Upon passing, we smile and shout out encouragingly to one another.

There is a big hill up ahead, but being the injured one I have a free pass of let's just walk up this hill.... nothing to do with ankles or knees or really... any, pain at all.  Just simply... don't wanna.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before (or perhaps one million times before!!) But I LOVE how the ending to all our runs is a big fat DOWNHILL... thanks Spring St.!!

**Super happy to be back... A reminder we are having our RUN LADIES RUN 10K is coming up fast!! MARCH 27TH!! Register now, it's a mere $10 although the price will be raising to $15 so please do so soon!! **