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March 21st, 2015

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle half marathon

We got to Seattle the afternoon before. Leaving the babes with husbands and trading in our motherly duties for ones of lighter stature (shopping, eating, makeovers... running really far)

Checked into our hotel, went upstairs to unload our over stuffed bags... turns out we've both managed to ruin both our keys.

 Then off to my favorite part... Packet pickup slash expo.  Where I picked up a handy new gadget called IFITNESS running belt, always carrying so many random helpful things.  I'm in constant lookout for the perfect pouch of sorts.

We waited in line and shook the hand of fellow Idol, Mr. Scott Jurek. Who, being the stellar athlete and all around *good human being* that he is, signed all of our bibs and wished us well in our running endeavors. 

Meeting up with Katie and Ron Robertson to both hug our support and pick up our yellow TEAM KARINA JEAN shirts and buttons.  They recently lost their daughter in a fight against lukemia.  Their daughter Annika, as a school project put together an incredible fundraiser earning $40,000 benefitting cancer research        A M A Z I N G!! 

Got to bed at a decent hour (only being shushed a couple of times) but not before, every darned alarm clock we could find was set, and at alternating times.  The fear of not waking up is a strong one. 

5:15 am comes fast.... 

Heading out the door we pick up a shannon, and somehow acquire a Zach.  Not really sure where we're going, we trust the other masses of sheep. With quick (trying to stay warm!) steps we make it to the start.

Luckily, we've got the magic chips to keep track of our true time... and with this crowd, crossing the start line is going to take ages. So, when that horn blows... we shuffle.  Saving the fast feet, swerving and dodging for a few more moments.  The sensible Shannon, Kathleen and BooBoo, hold strong to the save your energy approach. While like the bunny, I pretend to be. Darted up with the fella. Where we spent the next nine miles weaving in and out of runners.  Hopping up and over curbs, sidewalks and barriers.

So many people all around, it felt impossible to break away.  

Randomly (miles later) to our left I see Shannon and kathleen coming up strong.  Tired me, ready to slow down, now feeling an extra boost to keep up our pace.  Honing in my nonchalant question asking skills making Shan talk us up the next few hills. 

Up ahead we can see the SPACE NEEDLE  teasing us with it's non-closeness.

One mile left, and the others look unphased, like they could easily run another 12 miles.  While I'm no longer talking and merely concentrating on keeping up.

nearly there...
As we turn into the stadium (great end to a race btw) we dig deep.
and finish... strong!

thank goodness for *that guy*...

And... we're done.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Onto the 20...

I can't remember if it's GRIT & BEAR IT or GRIN & BEAR IT... perhaps it's not BEAR at all but BARE.  But, wouldn't that mean exposing oneself opposed to the beast (hurting my head)?

Whichever, whatever.. one was accomplished and twenty miles was the outcome.
(And the foot is oh thank goodness not any worse off)

Dressed like we were off to run Antarctica, we headed out through town onto Beaverton Valley Rd. BooBoo was running 10 miles, which meant after 4, she was off on her own.

We discussed the first water drop. And how (strong language) cold it was!!  Thank goodness for smart weather resistant thin layers.  We've got everything from long compression socks, base layers, and gloves to jackets, hats and arm warmers.

Our half way mark included a short quarter mile out and back that will hopefully measure the proper distance we won't be having to add onto the end of our run.  We fill our water bottles, empty our bladders (tmi?), peel our satsumas... then with freshly frozen fingers... shuffle our legs to begin again.

The second half separates us.  The chilly undertone of our run, has silenced us, and it's turned to... good music and fast feet.  Although always in each others sights.

Once we've reached the outskirts of town, the realization of proper calculations is a comfort.  There will be no adding on of millage.  Just a simple stop and mild dusting of our shoulders of a job well done.

locker room after run... *notice the can of tuna in hand*

hot tub, cold chocolate milk...mmmmm
(this photo's not doing it justice, but notice how white shannon's poor fingers are?)

the choc. milk was swell and all, but...

20 miles... average pace 9min. 42sec.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a trial run... of sorts..

Last week we ran our eighteen miles..
While it felt good at the time running.  The next morning, I could barely walk on it without wanting to cry.

After a full summer of BooBoo's aching foot saga.  I was scared to find out what this *new pain* meant for my running future.

So today we ran a four mile jaunt with the hopes of feeling, no pain.
Not so much, it was a grit and bear it run all four miles.  shucks.

We are meant to run 20 miles in two days, and now the question is, do I risk it and get on with it? Or do I hold off and let it rest a bit?

There is a good reason why it's a well known fact that runners make the worst patients.  The whole GET ON WITH it happens a bit more often than most would like to admit.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dropping like flies...

For one week I was out of the Gym, off the roads and sentenced to seven full days of rest and hopeful relaxation.... My once bragged about superpower of a shockingly high immune system, was proven to be a big fat sham.  Turns out I'm a mere mortal... shucks.


You would assume the lack of lovlies would be due to the serious temperature drop paired with the blustery rudeness.  But apparently, no.  It was a child with possible chicken pox, work commitments, chest colds, and a cat with an unfortunate puncture to it's head.

So that left Meghan, Waeow, and I... After completely changing our course we turned our trusty watches on, hoping the satellites will quickly show themselves so we could get on with the running part.  

Waeow stayed with us for the first three miles, turning onto a Schoolhouse #2 rd. (a six mile loop, pretty sure she made it a farther run than that though).  The wind not helping matters, we continued on with all layers intact.  Although the first article of clothing shed was a flyaway hat, chucked into a fellow RLR's mailbox about a mile down the road.

Legs, breath and well... body, all looking forward to getting to the magical six mile mark.  Where suddenly cadence and heart rate settle into a more natural feeling groove.  We spent some time talking about how hard getting out there and running three miles can be compared to ten most days.  So basically, to all of you out there just starting out, it gets easier the further you go! Promise.

Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately... the part where we got to our awaited, easier miles.  Also came the first of many dreaded forever long hills (and please don't mistake me for saying we hadn't already been running many, this is just one we literally dread) Needless to say, it was time to quiet our banter and plug into some hopefully inspiring music to push us up, and on.

Around mile nine, and yes running up yet another hill, I laughed outloud.  And continued for the next 3min. 35seconds thanks to the song I Got Hurt Feeling/Tears of a Rapper by Flight of the Concords.  Trying to replay the silly going on in my earbuds, I'm pretty sure I just slaughtered it with my giggly off-key-ness.  Apparently, the goofy.. helps with the miles flying by part, though.

On top of Bailer Hill the wind decided to pick up a bit.  We yelled at it to "quit it already", but it was to no avail.  So instead we yelled at it to "keep on blowing", holding onto some control of the situation.  Oh, and while your at it, feel free to start to rain a bit... thats right, who's in charge round here? 

When we reached the False Bay turn out and self made water station, we noticed the sun breaking through the dark clouds over the Olympic Mountains.  Suddenly so happy we chose this route, not to mention the fact that we live in such a place.  False Bay road is a favorite (perhaps you recall it being the main attraction of the RLR Half Marathon) yet running it from this direction, is not.  It makes the once gradual downhill... a three mile mockery of our leg strength.  It's just a good thing it's purdy, I suppose.

Turning onto Cattle Point rd. is a mild relief.  Our homeward stretch, no more turns, and only.. *cough*.. two more dreaded hills to go.  The mild part, being it's still five miles away from sitting in a hot tub.  Once we reached the peak of the last hill, Meghan pointed over to... oh, what's that??... a rainbow.  Awe, so close now.  My once light and strong legs, have turned to aching and impatient.  Getting gritty, but, yes... so close.

Turning onto Spring St., we step up our pace, look at our watches and decide how important it is to end on an even number or settle for the 17.45... we ran on, cause we're annoying like that.

Where's the beep.... ahhh.... there's the beep.  Almost uncomfortable our legs stop running, we walk for a moment then hug our "thank goodness it's overs!!"

Hi, hot tub.

18 miles
average pace, 9 min. 32 seconds.