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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunshine... makes *our* feet H A P P Y!!

So much talk about weather lately... I try my hardest to avoid it, but ultimately when it's been M O N T H S without a bright streak, it's hard not to mention. Soooooo YAY SUNSHINE!!!

**I've been absent a bit, I apologize, sort of a rough winter... full of broken bones, sprained ankles and cold grey skies. But I'm back... and running!!**

Today it was Shannon and *new Jenny* (remind me to tell you about the plethora of JEN, JENNY and JENNIFERs here on this island... it's almost obscene).  We ran pear point (Jenny and I) while Shannon pants ran another six.  My intention was to run the 12 with Shan, but was saved by the boat!!  Both my Mama and darling sister Elizabeth were on the 8:35 ferry, only allowing me enough time to run the first half.

The girls were fast, (I know, shocking) but I managed to keep up.... filling each other in on the past weekends shenanagins.  A wedding, an 80's dance party and  a BF's IRONMAN *CONGRATS* get-together!!  So much to talk about, making the time and feet fly by.


6 miles 9:16 pace