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Sunday, September 12, 2010

SO IT BEGINS... again.

Week one. down.

Our first run back was a drizzly one, although you wouldn't guess it from the lack of clothing on a few of us.  We were seven in all and ran the HELLO FRIDAY HARBOR, a random loop boarding our tiny little town.  It was a solid four miles but when it feels like you can get back to your cozy car and out of the rain at any moment, four feels like two. Promise.

Day two of week one, we were nine in all.. I'm going to guess the sunshine had a bit to do with our increase in number.  We ran the GRAVEL PIT.  Not exactly a favorite. Yet I haven't ventured that way since we were all together last spring, so it was a welcome one.  BooBoo, the tall one, and now the bruised one, fell. HARD.  sensitive me.... took a photo.

I didn't say it was a very good one... and yes, she's okay.

My watch died half way through, so I can't be exact when I tell you it was a fast one... You'll just have to take my word.

Together again... missed you.

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