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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A change of direction.

Today we were three... Celia, Shannon and me (I realize that may be bad grammar but, I, doesn't flow as swell)

We talked about the course and came to a GRAVEL PIT conclusion.  

Although once we got to the gravel pit, there was a change of direction from the Shan and I.  Both deciding that a longer route at a slower pace, was what we were craving.  So until next time gravel pit, it's PEAR POINTS turn to get tread on (and yes, I am aware of the cheese I just spread there)

There was a wave to Miss Celia and an, off on our merry way... It's a stolen chance to have a one and one run with a buddy.  So we took the opportunity to make it a little longer.  Lots of problems in the world to solve after all.

*I might add, that the part where we were going to slow it down a bit... apparently doesn't apply when you run with that girl though.  geesh.

6 miles   9min 7second pace

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