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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Onto the 20...

I can't remember if it's GRIT & BEAR IT or GRIN & BEAR IT... perhaps it's not BEAR at all but BARE.  But, wouldn't that mean exposing oneself opposed to the beast (hurting my head)?

Whichever, whatever.. one was accomplished and twenty miles was the outcome.
(And the foot is oh thank goodness not any worse off)

Dressed like we were off to run Antarctica, we headed out through town onto Beaverton Valley Rd. BooBoo was running 10 miles, which meant after 4, she was off on her own.

We discussed the first water drop. And how (strong language) cold it was!!  Thank goodness for smart weather resistant thin layers.  We've got everything from long compression socks, base layers, and gloves to jackets, hats and arm warmers.

Our half way mark included a short quarter mile out and back that will hopefully measure the proper distance we won't be having to add onto the end of our run.  We fill our water bottles, empty our bladders (tmi?), peel our satsumas... then with freshly frozen fingers... shuffle our legs to begin again.

The second half separates us.  The chilly undertone of our run, has silenced us, and it's turned to... good music and fast feet.  Although always in each others sights.

Once we've reached the outskirts of town, the realization of proper calculations is a comfort.  There will be no adding on of millage.  Just a simple stop and mild dusting of our shoulders of a job well done.

locker room after run... *notice the can of tuna in hand*

hot tub, cold chocolate milk...mmmmm
(this photo's not doing it justice, but notice how white shannon's poor fingers are?)

the choc. milk was swell and all, but...

20 miles... average pace 9min. 42sec.

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