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Friday, June 10, 2011

Can't sleep

I'm three days deep in self pity, full of sneezing, coughing, heavy chested, sniffly, horsed voice.... annoying myself just writing that.

But the early to bed coughing stupor I put myself into came with a midnight jolt, an eyes wide open DO SOMETHING!!  Days of couch detention has come to a halt, or a least, a midnight jolt. As I lye there, thoughts of where I'd like to run and "I wonder how fast I could go" swirled...  Then quickly turned to thoughts of lost time, sluggish legs and a heavy wheezy chest.

Allowing myself a moment or two more of *poor me* my thoughts then turned to music... to bands I'd like to see and songs I'd like to look up lyrics to.  This helped, almost always does.

Midnight me, rolled... no, popped out of bed and found my Ipod.  Now plugged in I'm scrubbing a neglected toilet, folding that pile of clothes, washing those left over dishes.  And strangely it's all... right.

I'll be running in the early AM... unless of course, I find my headlamp.

1 comment:

  1. I love that song. Some people say that when they put on music, they fall right asleep. Not this girl -- I always get hooked on the beat, the lyrics and become more awake. Here's to getting your to-do list done at midnight!