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Friday, June 10, 2011

San Juan Island Marathon... 10k, half and Full...

The San Juan Island Marathon was this last weekend... and without a hitch, it went.

Everything from the weather to the loads of people who traveled from near and far to get here.  Boats, planes and bicycles... (the cars part goes without saying, right?)

BooBoo and I have been the race directors now, for 3 successful runs.  It was my pleasure to be the volunteer coordinator for an event that is 9 years strong, and with an already great following.  To sit backseat, watching the mighty Paul Hopkins and Clark Gilbert in action was an entertaining and informative position. Thanks fellas.

We (the Boo, plus the darlings) had the privilege in working the last water station of the race.  It hit all three sections.  All inspiring in their own rights.  From the seeing impared woman in the 10k to the countless overheated and sweetly emotional many making it up the last grueling hill.  All with admirable high spirits and "what a gorgeous day/place" attitudes.

Happy to be a part of such a great event.

Great job runners.. and a HUGE *THANK YOU* to all our amazing volunteers!!

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