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Thursday, November 3, 2011

short long

At the moment there is a group of about 8 women that are training for Rainshadow Racings DECEPTION PASS 25/50K .  Most of us have signed up for the 25k (15.53 miles).

Our longest run for this period of training has been 12 miles (or 12.5 depending on whos GPS watch/phone you trust more) The 25k is a trail run, so we're doing our best to run on as many as possible.  Running trails is a tricky bit, adding roots, rocks and narrow grooves to tired legs.  Making the less coordinated a tad less comfortable.

Today was our SHORTlong run... 8 miles.  Being November we where layered a tad thicker than normal, still attempting to find the perfect balance.  The four of us headed out hoping that our fifth friend would find us on the road.

Starting out faster than normal.  Out of breath me was happy to stop for a short moment, for our catching up friend.  Not that the stop or the slow lasted very long.  With fresh feet we picked it back up and continued through the foggy, hilly roads.

I forgot my music... but this song kept *running* through my head. 

Ending on a downhill, always helps for an apparent strong finish.

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