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Monday, November 14, 2011

Trails today..

Shannon and I met early (well, early-ish) parking one car at American Camp and drove back to town to meet up with the rest of the girls.

We left a little later than expected (shoul've been a little less *ish* and a bit more *early*) making both Stacie and Susan turn back earlier to make it back in time to pick up darlings from school.  Meghan and Deb went the same difference but chose to do an out and back, when considering the time crunch.

The weather felt perfect, allowing tank tops or perhaps just minus a jacket.  Shannon and I went straight through American camp cutting over to Jakals Lagoon and Mt. Finlayson.  Peaking first into the woods then cussing our way up to the top of the mountain.

Did I mention it was beautiful?

like.... really beautiful.

Once you reach the top... there's a sense of accomplishment... plus the part where the worst/hardest part is behind you.  Practically all downhill from there practically...

We finished strong ending back at American camp where the car was parked... holding delicious cookies and chocolate milk (a perk of running far).

Shannon's watch (gps) read 12.0 while my smarty pants phone read 12.6... (I'll take my reading)

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