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March 21st, 2015

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here we are... (again)

It's not September, but somehow it's fall... kids are at day two, which brings us to day... one (well one-ish).

8:30AM and I stand with 5 fantastic women... Feels like we're missing a few (not counting our fallen injured duo). One call to a sleepy Shan and she's out the door, standing/running with us in 3 min. flat (crazy impressive).

Luckily for all our legs everyone had taken a slight summer vacation. There was no leaving anyone in the dust, just a sweet cluster of chatty friends.

Our usual talkative selves were huffing a tad more, than say our March selves. With that said.... We did it. We all showed up with laced up shoes and attitudes that could lift the lowest of spirits.

The next week or so we'll be keeping our pace and miles on the low side. Plenty of time to build up to our pending 10k, half marathon, 25k, marathon, and or 50k goals.


If you've ever thought about running with a group (**this group**)... Great time to join in!!! We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 AM in the parking lot of San Juan Island Fitness!!
Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi! I have heard about your group and have been thinking I'd like to join in! How far do you usually run? I am semi-new to running and am comfortable with 3 miles and wanting to go for more eventually :)


    1. HEIDI... hey!! sorry, I never saw this!! We've changed our running group times a little recently. find us on Facebook and I'd love to work out a time we could run together!