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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trial run.

Slowly, we are trading in beach towels and bathing suits....

Alarms are silenced and lazy legs are in motion. Waking anxious darlings and filling them with oatmeal and eggs for their first day back to school. I lace up my new (they're going) back to school tennies and continue with the curling of locks and finding of socks (unintentional rhyming).

With a kiss and a wave and a reminder to "make good choices"... We start our days.

Broken toe-ed BooBoo and I meet, to see how important that tiny toe of hers really is, and if I can run at all after such a long break.

Three blocks up, BooBoo decides that it's too painful... one block up she decides to keep at it, so she could finish her story (besides at my pace it's all manageable). Three miles of ignoring sore toes and out of condition legs, we finish with a "that wasn't so bad" shrug.


we met today with our running friends for a back-to-school-little-people-back-to-hanging-out-bigger-people

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