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March 21st, 2015

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here comes Meghan a wee bit sweaty and 6 miles in her proverbial pocket. 12 this morning. We are a dedicated bunch... So when life says you aren't allowed to run for hours and hours with your girlfriends then we must compromise, hence the starting an hour early so you can at least finish the second hour with your lady friends.

There was Casey who was mildly relieved to find out it was a 12 mile opposed to a 16.  Deb, the darling who just ran a rather FAST half marathon a mere three days ago.  Tamara  plus one, running a hopefully not too confusing 10 (different route). And BooBoo, who quite frankly with that cold should not only be NOT RUNNING... but should be lying down somewhere.

The sun may be shining but the temp. is not feeling so cooperative  Over bundled we are (okay I am),  water bottles, gu, sharkies..... and.... go on already.

For some, starting on Cattle Point hill is a five letter word.  But honestly there is just something about kicking your booty a bit at the beginning to get your head in the right spot for a long(ish) run.  

We turn onto False Bay.  A true FAVORITE.  It's around a mile or two with gorgeous views and a slight downhill.  There are rarely any cars and always a friendly horse or two to nod your head at.

When we make it back into town, Casey who decides that 16 isn't so scary decides to go on.  Deb looks as fresh as always.  And BooBoo has found a place to lay down (gravels never felt so good).  

Our other RLR friends have finished a bit early, I can only assume it all went swimmingly.

12 miles 9min 32sec. ave. pace
P.S. GREAT JOB SUSAN AND KRISTI!!! oh and our token fella Clark.

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