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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your running 24... I'm not

Dang that's far.

Seriously far.

I've got a ferry to catch and places to go.... My miles will stop at four. Leaving the remaining twenty for the ambitious four remaining, not to mention the other five who are running a solid ten.

We are moments away from wrapping up this whole long distance training thing. And get to start on the tapering part... Pins and needles... waiting for race day.

I was doing an out and back, which only allows me to run a mere two miles with my lady friends.

Not long enough.

In the same breathe of not long enough. The two miles by my lonesome were surprisingly helpful. My ferry was leaving in less than an hour. A clear head, to go over all the things I need to take with me to idaho.

It was a funny feeling, knowing that I had traveled to the mainland while my strong compadres were still out running.

(stinkin' far.)

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