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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madden madame.

Just yesterday, the BooBoolator said she COULD NOT wait to get the (insert creative cuss word here) away from Cattle Point Rd... I assured her there would be no running on that road on our last two official group runs of the school year.

ummmm..... we ran the Cattle Point-Madden Lane loop today.  Blythe was so cute when she suggested the route, I couldn't say no.  (If you knew her you wouldn't have been able to either)  And the actress played the part of not caring where we run.

Although we love her, we sent Ms. Erickson away.  She could barely stand straight with back pain, yet still wanted to go out running.  Silly girl.

We've decided that both Deb and Meghan need to be our personal running clothes shoppers.  They both bring some serious style to the road.  Who says spandex has to be boring.  (A bit of an oxymoron, don't ya think?)

The actual run felt okay, not amazing, but not horrible either... so there's that.  We've all decided to do a little naked running.  Which sounds a bit more exciting than it actually is. All it means is no ipod, no watch, no H. rate monitors, etc..  In theory that sounds like a great idea.  But when you are running with fasties, it's sort of nice to have the pat on your back that the watch can provide after a quick paced run.

Like I said, this was our last of two official runs for the school year.... I'll be posting on facebook all sorts of running opportunities.  And hopefully we can run with you soon!!

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