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Monday, June 14, 2010

mmmmm.... doughnuts.

**This title is a little more fitting than when I was trying to sell a pair of crocks on ebay (I know, who does that) titling it "mmmmm... crocks".  Totally wrong on a few levels... a funny story follows, but you'll have to ask me about it later.  I'm getting off track.**

There's another running group here on the island that regularly runs from town out to Roche Harbor a nice 11-sh mile jaunt (I like using the word jaunt after a seemingly high mileage), with the reward of chocolate, vanilla, sprinkled, sugar coated deliciosness.  Unfortunately it was the wrong weekend to correspond with the other sugar addicts... So we made our own DOUGHNUT RUN.

Kathleen who will be running a (crossed fingers) PR at the Rock'n'Roll Seattle in a few short weeks needed to run 13.  Shannon, Blythe and I decided to tag along for the first 10.7 miles of it. Ending on the other side of the island, with patiently waiting children to help devour the doughnuts and swim in the pool.

This is the part where I tell you how amazing the weather was... the weather was amazing.

No really, the muggy start was flattered with light sprinkles, then comfortable rain.  We were a happy, light hearted bunch.  Miles seemed to fly by, and instead of heavy tired legs.  Mine seemed to be feeling quite agreeable.

We had two separate people jokingly time us.  One in his car, he slowed to a seemingly slow crawl (matching our pace). Then informed us we were at a whopping 6 mile pace "speed it up girls."  The next was closer to the end, where an older couple stopped mid hike to hold out their watch and wait till we passed, again "speed up girls".  Don't we have some rather funny people on this island.

The Alpacas were shaved and both adorable and hilarious to look at.  I bet Alpacas would be a witty bunch, if they could talk... just sayin'.

The rain has stopped, clouds are separating and sun is nearly out.  And wait... we're nearly finished.  Our timing is impeccable. Like I said amazing weather.

There goes Kathleen on her own,  we thought about joining her for the last couple miles... and that felt nice.  Instead we hopped in the pool and saved her a doughnut.

Thanks for the much (MUCH MUCH) needed great run.

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