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Friday, June 4, 2010

a Recap of sorts..

Last posted, I was miles in, with no good run to speak of.

Today I ran with the BooBoo and the BooBoo's sister,  Frances (she's got a few of them), It's been a long awaited meet. Fb has only allowed me to adore from afar.

We are running 26.2 miles on Sunday, and today was meant to be a short ego boosting, easy run. While it was short.. easy is up to debate. Considering BooBoo is the youngest of the sisters I'm blaming her speed, on something to prove. psshaw. Unfortunately the short fast run, only left me with a, how the fill in cuss word here are we meant to run 22 miles further than that??

Confidence has to be dug from somewhere deeper... we're trained and ready. READY I tell ya.


There was a 4 mile treadmill run a few days back, that was mildly entertaining. Plugged in, listening to don't judge funny music. Watching others in the gym workin' it out.  That in itself is reason enough, to run on a treadmill... my favorite is when the step aerobic adorable gals are in view.  Although that day it was the spinners, and all their glory. 

Tuesday we ran Pear Point with 5 of us.  I don't mind that run, I know I've said that before but it's true.  There is something to be said for insane familiarity.  We ran fast, with lots to discuss, it all went by rather quickly.  Minus the part where my new shoes are doing that annoying thing, where my toes all go numb, then by the time we are finished it's gone all the way up my left leg to my bum (won't be wearing those on sunday)

Thursday, I chose not to run... due to the throwing up and fevery part from the day before. Sort of feel like it was in my best interest.  There were only two that day, most decided to run on their own schedule.  Shannon and Deb were the two, and from what it sounded like it was a great one... ego boosting in full gear.


So there we are.  A bit more up to date.  I promise an attitude adjustment or at least promise to try, and hope for a brilliant report of sundays much anticipated MARATHON!!!

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