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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hill repeats

Last nights run was strictly an attitude adjuster. My night at work (prime rib, halibut, wine slinger)was full of needy, unappreciative people... I told that part to BooBoo this morning and she just laughed at me, as if it's hilarious to expect anything less. So a swift run was exactly what was needed to end the night, that way crappy attitude can stay there and happy self can go home.

This evening was a mild one. Basically light attitudes all around, management, chefs, waitresses, guests. Besides one swift talking to about using the wrong BREAD DRAWER one too many (blanking) times... by fellow co-worker. A rather smooth night.

Andrea was my partner in the moonlight tonight. She volunteered to be the goofball (I mean super cool one) with the headlamp on, if it wasn't for the sake of safety, the moon was so full, there was no need for it.

We ran around white point, only jumping once from what seemed like a gazillion deer everywhere. Once around the three mile loop, we pushed each other into doing hill repeats. Each one equalling a quarter mile. It wasn't fast, or very pretty... But four were accomplished. And if you know what hill I'm talking about you'd call it an accomplishment too.

Home now, and officially tired.

4miles ave. pace (including hill repeats) 10min. 22 sec.

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