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March 21st, 2015

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Character Builder"

Was what S. called todays run, around mile 4.  The rain had not let up.. if anything it was getting stormier (not to mention the hills, but those hills are always there)

You can't be a Washington girl, AND a fair weather girl. The two just don't go together.  So we toughen up, maybe add a second or a third layer (unless you're BooBoo).  Ignore the large rain drops and get on with it...

NO WHINING (okay a tiny bit of whining)...

Two of us only had time for a three mile run, we all start out together and wave at the appropriate separating points.

Shannon and Debs saga with the chair that got peed on continues and comes to a hilarious full circle.  When we run, we've got time to talk... practically solving the problems of the world... or at least a few kid mysteries.

Sopping wet.. we've made it.  Looking like a few drowned puppies, we turn off our watches.  One lucky person has remembered her suit (me) and will be warm in moments.. the others pretend not to care, talking about errands that need to be ran.  But I can see the envy in their eyes.

6 miles. average pace 9min 34sec.

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  1. Thanks for making me feel like I ran 12 with y'all. Also, can't believe you solve mysteries while running. I'd be panting so hard I wouldn't get a word in. But, what an awesome way to see the island's sights.