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Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you can run 18 you can run 26...

Running a long (LONG @$$) distance requires a bit of planning.

Starting the day before with mapping, dropping waters in perfectly planned locations, charging everything from the Ipod and watch to cellphone, and if everything goes perfectly welll... decent sleep.

The morning of... Man in smart jacket says we have 100% chance of rain, wind and flat out chilly(ness) to look forward to.

So we prepare:
Sports Bra
Tank top
Two long sleeve shirts (I'd wear just one.. but can't find one warm enough, so I settle for two.)
Rain jacket
Long pants
NON-cotton socks
Trusty shoes

(or if you're BooBoo, shorts and a tanktop)

In the pockets of said JACKET you'll find: GU(some people find this stuff horrendous, but I say they've never tried the chocolate outrage), chapstick, cellphone, Ipod, handwarmers (!!), a Trio bar, sharkies, and perfectly folded pieces of toilet paper (hey, we are running for over 3 hours after all).

Before I can leave the house there is a phone call from Shannon, her 5yr old is sick... and for a split moment we both weigh the chances of him being okay enough to just go to school, after all it's only a 99-100 degrees temp. Don't judge, I said it was a split second.  Honestly though... your mentally prepared and totally ready and the thought of having to do it on your own is a bit daunting (although it'll most def. be better weather.)

We meet in our regular spot. We may have lost a Shannon but have gained a Susan, making us seven in all... five running 18, and two running 8.

The sound of beeps from all our watches marks our slow start.  Reminding each other to keep it slow, which makes perfect sense but is surprisingly hard.  Feeling anxious it's hard to not go out full speed.  But you'll most definitely regret it after around the end of the first hour.

Not too far in, we say goodbye to Kim and Tamara who are running a respectable 8 mile loop.  And continue on until our first stop around mile 4.  When I dropped waters the night before, I somehow neglected to notice I threw them all in a big mudpile surrounded by a thorny blackberry bush.  So thats cool, I now have scratches on my hand to distract me from my already soaking wet sore feet.  Before we continue running we all take a (gasp) potty break... and yeah, sorry for the flash 'mustache man in big white truck'.

We've got six miles till the next break.  Dividing up a bit, yet are comforted knowing that at every stop we'll wait for each other.  Checking in and trying not have too big of gaps between us. Always keeping each other in our sights.  Safety first.

There are adorable baby calves, tiny sheep, wobbly kneed alpacas to bring out the ahhhhwe in all of us.  Not to mention on west valley road, the colors (even through our soaked eyelashes) were astounding. Bright green pastures, foggy dark forrest, and deep blue ponds.  I sort of. really. like it here.

Before we make it to our 10 mile mark, the rain picks up to a down right DOWNPOUR. Luckily, we're all dressed appropriately and no one is suffering (well, not too much).  Miss Richardson is waiting for us at the intersection to wish us well and give some moral support.  Once we've all caught up, we split up waters, handwarmers and orange slices. I remind everyone where the last stop is...

We're over half way through (and so is this entry... sorry I'm feeling a bit long winded. Don't mind me).  We've all agreed that although we like each other, would you kindly stop talking to me and put on your headphones... The Meghan and the Susan take up the front, I have no chance of keeping up with them when speech is no longer an issue and music has taken over.  BooBoo, Deb and I stay close, then eventually move to a single line.

Last water stop... And only 5 (freakin) miles left to go.  doesn't sound too bad, yet it's almost still a full hour left of running.  The wind we were promised wasn't bothering us too badly but the rain hadn't stopped.  only keeping us entertained with it's sprinkles then seemingly angry downpours.

Not much talking and a few less smiles, we nod at Mona the camel only three miles to go.  There are countless honks of horns and friendly waves.... and a few more smiles come back... after all we are only minutes away from a friendly HOT TUB.

The last two miles seem to take an eternity, we are so close.  I've ran this part of the road so many times it's almost comforting.  Playing games in my head to make the last 15 minutes go by faster, I start counting my steps and  Make up funny stories in my head about the people driving by.  Finally I tell myself the MOMENT I hear the beep of my watch (congratulating us on our 18) I can stop.  There will be no overachieving .01 extra steps.

I take out my earphones to make absolute sure I don't go missing that beautiful BEEP.

I hear it... and it is good.  Who cares if I'm mid intersection, not another running step.  We have made it.  And it feels good!

18 miles.  Average pace 10min. 05sec.

p.s.  moments later in the locker room. We were not only tired, salty girls.. we were an assumingly, curious bunch, looking a tad pathetic while we painfully (yet joyfully) pull on our bathing suits and passed around a random (delicious) can of tuna.

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