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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Put your BACK into it.

I got to wear sunglasses today...that's about all that was great about todays run. (so begins the WhaaaWaaa)

Somehow, I've injured my back.  Annoying?... yes.  But I've heard you are meant to stay active, resting it can make it worse (oh, you didn't know I've got the Kerry knows best PHD?) Active... yes, 11 miles... not so much.

We were seven in all today.  Two took a right after the first mile opting for a 5 mile trail loop.. Deb, who will be running a half marathon in two days turned around at mile 2 for a strong four mile run.. I considered turning then, but decided to suck it up and run on.  Only to get a shooting pain, less than a half mile later. 

Waved to the remaining three, wishing them a good run, then turned to run back.  I must've looked rather stiff. Literally sucking it up, just to keep my back from moving at all.  

Made it to the end, and (thumbs up) don't think I made it worse... My end of the run was a bit... well.. poopy.  

Pretty sure everyone else had a great run though...so... there's that.

4.7 miles, average pace 9min. 56sec.

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