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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay so we've been a tad spoiled all winter with it's extra mildness,  unusually not GRAYness and overall brightness... but dang, it's March and it's so stinkin' cold outside.

Four out of the five of us ran with down vests on... and by the end of it, we were still complaining of chilliness. (sorry I've filled my -NESS quota I'll watch it, from here on) Pretty sure Tamara is relieved she put on that extra sunblock.

I realize talking about the weather is super exciting but I'm going to make myself stop.... now.

Todays run was a short one.  We did the "HELLO FRIDAY HARBOR" jaunt.  But added the one rude hill on the backside of Lampard rd.  The bonus of that hill is, it literally brings your route to a peak.  And the last half mile is all downhill.  Leaving you feeling and looking fresh (the illusion we like to paint for all the non runners).

With the 10K, Mister San Juan Island, and the Oscars to talk about the miles felt quick.  I'm hoping that carries over to thursdays EIGHTEEN.

Thanks gals.

4.11 miles. Average pace 9min. 42sec.

(oh and PS my back feels much better, my PHD in knowing best... is paying off)

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