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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tired but not TIRED

Yesterday when I ran (not literally) into my running friends (literally), every single one of them complained of feeling tired.  Eyes in the back of the head, I wanna sleep all day, can you hand me the remote tired.  I felt it as well, but couldn't tell if it was due to (promise I'm not just patting myself on the back) teaching a spinning class, and swimming a mile (okay maybe a little.)

Will we all survive the runs planned for the week? Are we all coming down with something?? Oh wait a minute... could it be that we all just ran 16 miles a mere few days ago?

We meet, everyone seems to have a bit more spring in their step (lets blame the fresh air).  We are six in all.  But BooBoo has the pooch Yogi, today so she'll be sprinting up ahead... the spring in my step won't be keeping up with them, rather just allowing myself to run at all.  Slow and steady and a bit of humor getting me through.

For some reason the roads were especially busy, and unfortunately San Juan Valley road is especially narrow.  But not only are they narrow and practically shoulderless, they are sloped.  So sloped that when we have to run on them too long complaints of sore hips, knees, calves... etc. will follow.

Today we turned right onto school house, which means less wimpering.  And more giggling.  Not sure if you'd really want to hear what comes out of our mouths when we are both tired and well tired.  Let's just say you might not think of us the same (in a good way of course).  Honestly we had to stop running at a point due to laughing too hard.  THIS IS WHY I RUN WITH LADY FRIENDS... the goofy and non-inhibited sides, come out full force.

We round our way back into town, meet up with our super speedy friend or rather her super speedy dog and wait a moment for a few to catch up...

Thanks for the run my lovlies... and thanks for allowing us not to ALL have to be SUPER SPEEDY.

I like you guys.

6 miles. Average pace 9min. 55sec.

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