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Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 miles... EPIC?!

Earlier today I drove the route that we ran yesterday.  Retrieving all our empty water bottles.  Quite honestly, it was a little painful just driving it.  every mile I could remember exactly how I was feeling at that exact point.

You know... the corner where I screamed because the largest gnat in the entire world flew into my right eye, and being my always overdressed self including gloves.  I had to be rescued by BooBoo, with her eager to pick at something fingers and Deb who kept watch for cars.  I swear with every blink I could feel my eye trying to swallow the huge bug.

There was the gruesome uphill that lasted for an entire (INSERT EVERY CURSE WORD) mile!! And the mile long downhill that was rewarded with a rather delicious burrito.. once again, a big hit brought to us by miss Shannon.  Strangely appropriate for such a long run!

Or the corner where I screamed for the second time due to a brilliant Idea going rather, well.... south. Lets just say it has to do with an unfortunate chaffed area and some minty lip balm. (muffling a scream just thinking about it)

Rounding out around Douglas road, I've picked up all our water bottles and am coming up on the hardest part... THE WALL. I know you've heard about it... most of you have felt it yourself.  For me, and well... I might be so bold and say all five of us, it was mile 18.  Which clearly sucks considering we've got a whopping 4 more miles left to go.  It's a period of time where your body is too tired and your mind has to take over.  A battle of the brain.  The light hearted banter with the girlfriends has stopped headphones are turned to full capacity and secret bargaining begins. You know that thing that everyone does when they talk to themselves about how they promise to do this or that if they can just... just... finish.

Snapping out of it.  I'm both relieved and happy to have completed such an EPIC run. (I normally scoff at people who use the word epic.  But in this case I think it works.)

Deb with the burrito                                                                                                    
it's now 8:39... lets get movin'...

the top of Cady mountain and a mere 6 miles in.

Getting a little silly, we've topped the mile uphill and are now HALF WAY DONE!!

These pictures were all taken with my phone, with the hopes of capturing an ounce of this island true beauty. 

22 miles. Average pace.  Not exactly sure... lets just say, it took awhile.
Did you notice, that not once did I mention the fact that it rained... the entire time??

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