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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It'll stick with ya...

Last night I passed a hitchhiker.

It wasn't until I passed him that I realized, he was even there. And not a scary HE, but a young adult HE, a teenager.

It was a long night at work and I was in the middle of singing a duet with Vampire Weekend... I considered stopping but, but...

My front seat was messy
I'm tired.
I'd have to turn down my music.
I'm now a mile away.


None of them were a concern for my own safety... just the inconvenience of it all.

And this has to do with running, because??...

I started from town.. while BooBoo half an island away started from her home.  It's a nice way to run a bit by yourself then meet up and for the last five. Once we meet, we turned around and head back in the direction I came.  In all honesty it's a bit tempting to leave a tad later than we agree, knowing it'll cut my portion of the run a bit shorter.  Although B. is committed to the entire distance.  I never (well seldom) do.. but it's darn tempting.

I plugged in, made it out of town, past all the smiles and waves.. (can I just say, town has got to be the WORST place to start out a run!  In all honesty, the first mile or 5 can feel rather, well, *poopy* and having all of Friday Harbor witness it... you get my point.)

Like I said I'm plugged in, I've got my music and my muscles to listen to.  Until, I see them... two young fellas... HITCHHIKING. I immediately remember the poor kid from the night before.  (My guilt, failed to mention earlier that it was raining last night as well.)

Tormented, I've got two full miles to go until I pass the point where he was standing.  The sick side of me is now uncontrollably scanning the ditches for ballcaps, tennis shoes, plaid shirts.

I change the music in my ears hoping for better distraction, then decide to simply, speed up.

Passing the mileage with counting the cows in the field and seeing if I can recognize the oncoming car.

I've past the point now.  I can see Mona the camel (yes I said camel).  That in itself makes me smile.  Plus I'll be meeting with the tall, scantily clad one shortly... Pretty sure I'll keep my neurotic tendencies to myself.

There she is.

9 miles ave. pace 9min. 49sec.

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