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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glad it wasn't me...

Oh, that's not very nice to say out loud... yet when I woke up that's all I could think.

BooBoo was off island playin' on the mainland while we were running (practically the whole time she was away).  Soooo, with a sigh of relief that our next long run is a few weeks away.  This morning is BooBoo's solo.

We're starting her out... but the rest is up to her.

First was Casey, funny girl, punishing herself for a bit of vacation overindulgence, by running with what looks like a kevlar vest.  She literally is weighing herself down to shed that vacation love...

Who by the way left us in the dust moments after we started (extra weight and all).  Tamara was double stroller-one child mama. Deb had a pup tied around her waist. We had a new joiner Margot who is training for the triathalon in a few short weeks. I was annoying sock girl, and BooBoo was looking strangely serious.

For B. it was a forever 20, for the rest of us it was turn around at your own choice.  I had every intention to run at least six today.  But volunteering at the elementary school and some incredibly uncooperative socks made me turn around at the two mile mark, T. turned with me with the largest stroller in the world.  while D. and M. ran on to the original turn around.

Another perk of turning around at that point was running (pun intended) into Lydia and her brand new baby.  The girl literally gave birth moments ago, and if I know her as well as I think I do... she'll be showing us all up in the half/full marathon this June.  

Tamara and I have finished, I've kicked off my shoes only to get rid of the most frustrating socks in the entire world.  Happy to be finished but still mindful of the few raindrops coming down and my tall friend who still has 16 more miles to go.

I don't worry that she can't do it... of course she can.  She also doesn't mind the solitude, giving her time to figure out the problems of the world or fix the holes in the budget.  But what about when she trips, or cuts her forehead with her energy bar, or sings inappropriate songs a little too loud... Do they still happen even if no one else is around?

4 miles. ave. pace 9min 56sec.
(that's my stats not sure how everyone else did)

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