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Thursday, April 15, 2010

an old hat..

I'm liking that our miles are growing, making a once "long(ish) run" into an everyday run.
I say that.. but if you're just starting out, I promise we'll welcome you with any mileage you're up to running catering to whatever your needs might be. no intimidation.

We were 9 in all... with one extra friend, from out of town.

All running Pear point. A 5.7 mile run.  That if you're wearing "the watch" you'll be running an extra .3 to make it a solid 6.  While the rest of us without the wonderful, yet sometimes a tad tattle-telling gadget settle for the 5.7 calling it 6 (in our heads.)

The run felt easy.  And the weather was on our side.

6 miles.. ave. pace 9min. 42sec.

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