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March 21st, 2015

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Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 RLR half marathon!!

The BooBoo and I looking rather official (ish)... Playing the role of 
RACE DIRECTOR for the second time this year.

It's now one day later (back of hand, wiping proverbial sweat off forehead)... All that organizing, plotting, and "gee I hope it goes well" paid off.  It's that feeling of planning an extravagant party and hoping people show up, and maybe you'll even wear the right dress. 

We stayed at the Earthbox Motel the day/night before, where we had people pick up their numbers and last minute register.  It was a day of lining all our ducks in a row.  Marking the course with spray chalk, picking up last minute odds and ends, trying to dry out a cell phone that had been dropped in tea, checking in on all our absolutely incredible volunteers, and figuring out the new timing system.

Our alarms were set three to be exact, dinner eaten, hot tub soaked, lined and realigned the so called ducks... WE ARE READY...

It's 8:30am BooBoo and I are still on the course putting up mile markers and the ever so important *CAUTION RUNNERS ON ROAD* 
signs.  We have somehow missed where mile 8 was meant to go, but have run out of time.  Maybe it'll make the run feel shorter, and we'll have done our friends a favor... maybe.

Back in perfect island time to shake hands with our helpful police officers, hug our wishes of a great run to all our friends, talk about safety, explain the course... and...READY... SET... super annoying horn GO!!!

Words can not express how great this part felt!  So proud of all our girls!!  

There were 61 in all... mostly from our tiny little island.  Women who had never ran/walked further than 6 miles, bravely laced up their tennies and challenged themselves to a please pat yourself on the back and maybe reward yourself with a cheeseburger 13.1 miles.  Not a small feat.  

Driving the course, to cheer on, check on, and mildly scare a few unsuspecting gals with obnoxious horns and super enthusiastic whooooops!  You'd never guess there were such #$%$#$# hills, with all the smiles we saw!  

Have I mentioned yet how incredibly gorgeous it was?.... IT WAS INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!!  The sun came out as promised, and was comfortably warm as well.  One might go as far to say it was the perfect running weather... you're welcome.

The race ended back at the Earthbox Motel where there was delicious soup, local bread, chocolate milk, fresh fruit, shopping lululemon... yes shopping, and a hot tub all to reward yourself with. 

We can't thank all of you enough for all the support you've given us!  We couldn't have done any of it with out you!  Sincerest of THANK YOUS!!!

There will never be another first!! Great job runners!!

PS there are more photos to be seen from the race on our facebook page... come be our "friend"

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