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Monday, October 25, 2010

Long run thursdays...

Our calendars for upcoming races have been studied, highlighted and a few already registered for.

Out of the masses, we are collectively training for an 8k, 3 half marathons, a 25k, 4 full marathons, a 50k, a run as much as you can 57 miler, and one super ambitious IRONwoMAN.  So our training begins....


Unfortunately for some... I hadn't let others in on that small detail (THE STARTS TODAY part)

So with a group the size that we had, four ran the four mile loop (sounds appropriate), one ran the six miler and the remaining four (or was it five) ran nine and a half.

When we started, less than quarter mile in we realized nobody remembered water... and suddenly we're all completely parched.  A random fella on a bicycle pedaling by at the right moment smirked at the joke of having to makeout to stay hydrated... oh boy.

We past the four mile and six mile turn outs and waved farewell to our shorter distance lady friends for the time being.  Running on... we turned onto Egg Lake Rd, where the massive(est) of all massive dogs ran to the fence, sure he has super shaggy eye covering, adorable hair, but that bark was intimidating.  Moments later a wobbly kneed deer hopped out of the brush (although completely harmless and incredibly cute) startling me as well.  Geesh get ahold of yourself. 

Three meadows is a new favorite road.  It's both wooded and opens to lovely pastures.  No traffic and even better.... no hills, or at least any going up.  Our friend Sophie was jogging past, so we said a quick hello.  She's nice.  There were a good 3-4 deer that hopped out and I'm happy to say none scared myself or my other (brave) running friends.

There were discussions of all our upcoming goals.  Mainly, miss Meghan who has committed to a full ironman!!  For those of you not in the know, thats a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 run.  Basically something worth a bit of AWE and AMAZEMENT.  The training for something so ambitious takes a ridiculous amount of time, dedication, support and energy.  Impressed and already proud of her.

Where Three Meadows meets Roche Harbor road, there's an enormous pasture full of a gaggle (yeah, pretty sure a gathering of horses is called a gaggle... so, go with it) of horses.  All staring at us, and wanting to be pet.  Welcoming the option to stop running for a moment... we did.

The remaining miles seemed to fly by.  With smiles of way to go, we hugged our good jobs, and said our goodbyes.

Thanks for the run gals.

9.3 miles, average pace 9min 14sec 

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