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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little reminder of why we live here...

Sunday mornings at my house are leisure ones, filled with down pillows, oversized comforters, and cozy cuties.

So when the 6:30am alarm rang, it was tough to not push snooze for the next, oh, 800 times...

I picked up Shannon, who was waiting patiently at the end of her drive, we drove to where Kathleen was waiting patiently at American Camp.(okay so maybe I did push that snooze button a couple times).  Hugged our hellos, Stretched our stretches, started our watches and headed for the trails.

The south end of the island is known for fog and wind.  There was def. lots of fog but the wind was absent this morning.  We started through American Camp and headed to the woods of Jakles Lagoon. The three of us taking full advantage of the solitude of the trails and the comfort of the fog to spill our thoughts.

*Recently there was a commitment from quite a few people to run the ORCAS ISLAND 25K FAT ASS (yes that is really the name of the event) Which is all trail, not to mention climbs to the top of... deep breathe... Mt Constitution.

So with the thought of our *fat a##es* we went up Mt Finlayson the hard way.  It's a trail so steep some call it the "hello buddah" or "b*tch slap" hill (alright maybe nobody calls it the second one, but it sort of is one).  I've walked up that hill plenty of times, even carried babies up it... but running it is sort of a different challenge.  Oh what have I got myself into.. 

Once we made it to the top we took a moment to slow our pulse and catch our breathe, then looped around making our way back to American camp, where we ran the cliffs of all the nearby coves.  This last part, the part where we're nearly finished, and the fog is breaking up, and the views are beyond incredible... and, and and... is when we need to take a moment and truly realize the immense beauty of this island.

I feel so lucky to live here.  And to have such great friends to share it with.

8 miles 10min. 20second ave. pace

come run with us!!

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