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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It just sounds cold outside...

Making it hard to feel motivated to get out the door, while wearing the appropriate weather proof outfit. Opposed to sweats and a fleece, prepared to go... oh... drink a cup of tea.

Oh.. October, you've finally decided to show us you're not all sunshine and blue skies haven't you.

When I got to the gym, I was pleasantly surprised by how many gals were there.  Pretty sure Washington women are the toughest around (just sayin').

We ran the Madden Ln. loop, just backwards.  Then at the last moment, threw in the airport trail, which was a nice change of pace.  It added just the tiny bit of mileage, but pleasantly slowed us down.  You know the whole being cautious, as to not fall on ones face thing.

Both Tamara and Deb chose to stay on the road, concerned about the slowing down part and having places they needed to be.  

Our runs lately have been feeling quite... dare I say... inspired.  We've all, collectively, been running faster and feeling stronger.  Feeling pretty great to live in such a gorgeous place, with so many incredible women.  

Thanks for running with us!!

5.3 miles at a 9min 16sec. pace.


we are always happy to have new joiners!!  If you have yet to run with us, or know any of us very well... I promise we are all nice.  Please DO NOT feel intimidated by our distances, there are always options for shorter routes.  Plus, miss BooBoo (who is coming back from an injury) will be leading the ones who have more of a half marathon in mind opposed to a full or (oh, geez) a 50k.

So come run with us!! TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS at 8:30am in front of SJI FITNESS!!

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