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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

again with the two days later...

We are four.

Being the odd one out, who didn't run a speedy 13.1 miles a mere two days earlier.  I was confident I'd be told to go far far away, for suggesting anything other than a 3-4 mile run... Instead, it was all "OKs" and "As long as we go slows" to a 6 mile jaunt.

Heading out to Warbass to run PEAR POINT, our pace was already semi fast.  Everyone looked like they were feeling pretty great, so I chose to not point this out.  Why disrupt a good thing.  Besides I assumed if it wasn't okay... our suddenly not so shy Tamara would let us know with some creative language that we best SLOW DOWN.

Although our attitudes stayed in check.  The end in sight and the concluding beep of our watches.. is always welcome.

6miles 9min. 8second pace

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