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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's a bit late

The bummer about being a late night gal... is the part where I am now a (forced) early mornin gal.

My day generally starts at 6:45am and is filled with subtle nagging/prodding of my lovely children out the door with HOPEFULLY brushed teeth and matching socks on (okay I really don't care if they are matching, just as long as there is a pair on... so there'll be no whining of blisters later).

Once the adorables are out, it's time to connect with funny friends... and depending on the morning we will hop on a bike, lace up our shoes, or put on (the ever so unattractive) bathing suit.  Then it's onto Hashing out our afternoon schedules, discussing dinner ideas, and filling each other in on local gossip.

Tomorrow is no exception.  Although I took the short ones to the movies tonight so I can only assume they'll be a dream to get up and out the door, and considering now that it's now past 1am I'm sure I'll be a dream as well.  We'll run 4-5 miles, hopefully swim a few 20 laps and get on with our playdate making, PTA event planning, grocery getting, dog grooming selves.

sweet dreams

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