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March 21st, 2015

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been ages.. well, at least a few days

Mid winter break.

Kids are home, friends are on vacation... and running is a luxury not all of us can attain. Yesterday, it meant 4 grueling miles on a treadmill, while the darlings played in nearby 'kid room'. And today it meant one husband home for lunch and being duped into watching 7 kids while we run 49 minutes of his lunch hour. (thanks Jason)

We've got miles to run and days to catch up on.

The route is the labs trail,  a smart one.  Minus the muck the trail means a slower pace, which in turn means more time to jabber and easily so, since our speed isn't controlling by labored breathe. 

The only thing better than the company was the part where it's February and we are comfortably wearing tanktops and shorts. Feeling a bit spoiled.  We take our time and enjoy the calmness of the forrest and the warmth of the sun (and the quiet of NO little ones)

We return back to happy children and a husband that is more than happy to hand back the reigns of child wrangler. 

5 miles. average pace 9 min. 53 seconds


  1. Thanks so much for posting these short entries. They are indeed entertaining and enlightening. It reawkens our lives to the long miles, hills and road ahead. I am a runner, but much shorter in mileage and much slower pace (asthmatic). However, I love trail running...so I'd be interested in having another human running ahead of me on the wooded trails........like the many Roche Harbor trails, English Camp, etc. Keep me posted!! Ann

  2. Thanks Ann... I appreciate you reading (and commenting).
    I'm happy my dorky "talking to myself" entries have helped in anyway.
    I'm a big fan of running and love that it's a chance for our busy lives to slow down (or speed up) a bit long enough to push that restart button. Have a moment by ourselves, or reconnect with a couple old friends.

    Keep reading, or even better come run with us.