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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SHORT LONG (and not talking mullets)

By most standards running nine miles is a LONG run.... but when it's an odd week, it's considered a SHORT long run.  We'll be adding two miles for a total of 14 next thursday.

Although our friendly groundhog two days ago told us we still had six more weeks of winter, todays warm weather might not fully agree with our squinty little buddy.

So yes, gorgeous, dreamy, fabulous day... and three new shiny faces to boot.

We said our "hellos" and "nice to meet yas" discussed the routes, then turned our handy dandy watches on, and were OFF... BooBoo (my other half), ran the first three miles with us (against doctors orders) then held back to chat with our newest members.

The remaining few that carried on, grabbed fresh water, ipods (that were never touched due to no lack in conversation), gu and a fresh attitude to carry on.  We ran around pear point, the run I swear we could do in our sleep.  There is something about running a route that is so familiar, knowing all the hills and turns... you might even call it comforting.

Our pace was a tad fast, but it felt good... we all had places to be, meetings to attend and children to pick up.

9 miles. Average pace of 9 min. 32 sec.

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