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Thursday, February 11, 2010

LONG RUNS feeling more like LONG RUNS.

My eyes are sleepy and legs are sore.
turns out running 14 miles might do that to you.

The morning didn't start out so swimmingly.  Daughter #1 was begging for a confirmed playdate while #2 upon drop off realized she had forgotten her Valentines for her big party... refusing to go indoors till daddy brought them to her.  After heavy negotiations I hugged my sad little Valentine and was finally off to meet my non pouty gals.

Unable to locate my regular water bottle, I buckled on my (don't call it a fanny) pack.  Packed full of gu, sharkies, chapstick, t.p., Ipod, phone, water... I remembered everything.  Everything except... my watch.  Not a huge deal, but added to morning stress, throwing me off even a tad more.

There were six of us.  Six girls all prepared (or mostly prepared) to run far. We discussed the route, the pending rain, the part where we all promise to go SLOW (a promise that usually is never kept)... then were off.

Immediately the overpacked (don't call it a fanny) pack started bouncing the most annoying bounce.  That reminded me of why I NEVER use this darned thing.  Four miles down, one wonderfully long version of a short story told, a quick potty break and said bouncy pack is now fastened ever so tightly to middle of my torso. 

 I now feel better mentally but officially look like a goon.

Luckily we break up our 14 miles into two loops of 7.  Drop off our unwanted items, pick up our stashed, and say goodbyes to our fellow runners satisfied with 7.

The second loop went by fast.  We ran the labs trail out and back.  It was a welcome change being on a trail for two miles.  Soft ground, single file and slow pace.  Allowing us a strong finish.

We may have tired legs but All bad attitudes are officially wiped away.  Ready for the day... or at least the... HOTTUB.

14 miles.  Average pace 10 min. 12 sec.

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