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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I adore hills...

Is what you're meant to say if you live on this island... although, today.  Not so much.

Todays run was our much anticipated 16 miler out to southbeach (and back.)  When I drove up it was raining, well pouring really.  So much so, that I called both my mom and sister to pull a little sympathy and maybe a bit of "atta girl".

But while waiting for everyone to arrive the clouds parted, the sky turned blue and the sun came out happily taking away our rights to complain (about the weather at least.) The first mile we were 9 in all.  quickly losing one to a much more desired 3 mile loop.  All keeping close we must've been quite a sight, two by twos huddled close enough so we can all be in the conversation.

MILE FOUR, countless rude hills conquered we say farewell to two more, one doing a six mile loop and the other turning around for an eight mile out and back.... with well wishes, we run on.. with hopes of tangerines and water close by (our first drop off, we each take turns dropping off waters and fruit for the gang)

This is our first run in some time that feels fresh.  A pretty great perk about going a longer distance.  It gets a little bland running the same loops week after week.  Todays allowed us to run out on the trails at American camp.  Where surprisingly there was little wind.

MILE EIGHT, our turn around. Some rock we have to touch past the look out point above southbeach and close to the lighthouse... you MUST touch the rock.

Once we've turned around every mile feels that much closer... ha, sorry.. I couldn't resist.

MILE TEN, I've got a pebble in my shoe.  You'd think I would want to stop and get it out.  But it's occupying my mind.  Curling my toes one at a time (sorta tricky) then all at once.. how many times will it take to move the pebble in the small crevice where I will no longer feel it?.. 36.

MILE TWELVE, water stop.  We fill bottles, and pass out fruit. stretch for a moment, and smile since there is now a mere four miles left... uhhg... FOUR MILES LEFT.  whats 37 more minutes of our lives right?

Waving at the cows with adorable black faces, and at cars driving by making strange faces as if to say "didn't I see those girls TWO HOURS ago?" I secretly love that.  I love being out running for hours at a time and waving to the same person 3-4 times. Them running errands and us... well.... running.

MILE FOURTEEN and a HALF, the manageable 9.50 pace has now jumped to ipods on, I'm hungry, that hottub is sooo close, I'm tired of talking 8 1/2 min. pace..

MILE SIXTEEN.... DONE. no more hills, adorable cows, trails, white lines, tangerines. DONE.

for now.

16 miles.  9min 50 sec. average pace.

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