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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just the two of us.

We wait a few, for last minute joiners.. But it looks like it's just me and you today.. Oh.. and the dog, YOGI (I know, quite the appropriate name for a girl named BooBoo).  The first quarter mile is always a tad awkward with the pup. He pulls and jumps and chews the leash, while you look unphased.  (Minus the three huge scratch marks on her back.)

Two miles in, the wind starts to pick up and by three the rain.  Both welcome since I'm overdressed once again choosing to not ditch my down vest at the last minute.  We laugh at how silly we must look in comparison... B. with her shorts and tanktop, and me with my long pants, long sleeve shirt and un-ditched vest.

The miles go by fast, a pulling pup and a pending hair  appointment help that a bit.  We are both satisfied with how our bodies are feeling.  Since we just ran 14 two days ago and even more BooBoo is getting back from an injury that has healed surprisingly faster than we had even hoped.

6 miles. average pace 9min. 40sec.

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