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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Friday Harbor

Normally we take our jaunts out of town and away from the public eye (eyes that I assume roll after we run by due to the whole morning, coffee, not wanting to exercise thing).

But today we kept it close.  It's trickery really.  Four miles fly by when it feels like you have the option to stop at any moment.  Speaking of stopping at any moment... when the four miles were up, a certain four people (ahem...Stacey, Casey, Shannon and Meghan) decided it wasn't quite long enough.  And being the social driven crowd we are, we ran on.

Arriving back at our starting/ending spot... our smarty pants watches mocked us with 5.74 miles.  Not wanting to end so close to a 6 mile run.... we... ran on.

Maybe if it was a crummy day (windy, rainy), we would have been satisfied with 4 or 5.74 for that matter. But we had sunshine begging us to enjoy it and more stories to tell.

Hopefully you'll join us soon.  And I promise not to make you run farther than you had anticipated... (fingers crossed)

6 miles. Average pace 9min. 17sec.

P.S. a BIG CONGRATS to all who ran the ORCAS ISLAND "FAT ASS".... seriously ridiculous props!!
Great Job Deb, Susan, Kristi and our token fella Clark.  (Deb even ran with us today, not stopping at our promised 4 miles. Studly I tell you.

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