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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My "it's almost my birthday" run

If Running on another island is a treat... then running on Orcas would be... oh never mind thats even too cheesy for me.

I'll tell you what it was... it was a crazy beautiful day.  Sun sun and more sun!  It's about the only thing that made the "easy" ALL UPHILL (except when there was a little downhill) trail run bearable.  OKay, or maybe the part where we were off the rock with a couple close GFs and it was a (for lack of better words) FREAKING GORGEOUS run.

Trail running is a bit different than what we're used too.  But I'm growing quite a fondness for it.  I like the part where you have to watch your feet so you don't trip.. it somehow makes the miles fly by. And I really can't stress how much I love the part where my super speedy friends S L O W down and make me feel a bit faster to run with them.

So minus the super steepness, there was one amazing waterfall, lots of sweet wildlife and a bit of shared solitude with a couple favorites.

thanks for the pre-birthday birthday run. xo

4.5 miles.... not posting our average pace (although you may feel better about yourself if I do.)

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