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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not all runs are RAVE runs

So the best thing about this run... is that there is some unwritten rule about not having two 'sucky' runs in a row.

We ran pear point, which is a bit of an old hat sort of run.  But around mile 3 I had to ask if our pace is especially fast or if I was just dragging.  It turns out it was just me, or rather, all of us.  I was both annoyed and happy I asked.  Annoyed of the truth... I was hoping for one of them to check their 'know it all' watches and say "OH WOW, you're right we've been running a 8.10 we should really slow down." (not so much)... But relieved I wasn't the only lead legged one.

We ran the motions of our route only stopping long enough to let both a dog and a gal go pee.... which by the way just so hapend to be perfectly timed with a fellow husband to drive by and give us a hard time for just "standing around."

Here's to the unwritten rule... thursdays run is entirely TOO LONG to match the feeling of this one.

6 miles. Average pace 9min. 41sec.

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